August 10, 2017

Thursday - Cloudy and warmish

An okay day.

I got up this morning and watched the news.  F snoozed for a long time before going out!  I went downstairs and put some breakfast together for everyone.  I had English Muffins with cream cheese, F and his mother had half an English muffin and cream cheese  and cereal.  It was a nice morning really.

F and I went for lunch to Kitchen Futaba and both had the quiche plate.  It was great!  Then we went to the Internet Cafe for a few hours.  I didn’t have anything with me, so ended up falling asleep for the first half of the time there.  I did have a weird thing happen though.  I couldn’t get the volume on the computer side to work.  I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.  I asked F and he suggested the slide thing under the screen on YouTube…of course I had tried that, and then he suggested I use the TV remote to increase the volume.  Again…not helpful!  The actual TV worked fine, so something must have been done with the settings.  It was annoying! I never did fix it.

We missed our 3 hour time, so stayed a little longer.

We came back to the house afterwards and F was in a horrid mood.  He was suggesting places to go for dinner and I was saying that they were fine and then he’d get more angry with me.  The only thing I said no to was a ramen shop, and I had even suggested a couple of places where he could get ramen and I could get something else.  We were also taking his mother out, so it had to be good for her.  

The three of us drove around for an hour looking for a place.  Everywhere was full or closed because of Obon.  Of course, he didn’t think to phone a place…we had to go there.  We finally ended up at the Chinese place near our old apartment and had a decent meal there.  One bad thing was a guy at the next table asked me where I was from, F told him I was from Tsuruoka!  Annoying!

We did some shopping and then came back to the house.  F took his shower and then I did.  K did come and check that someone was in the shower, she must have seen the lights.  However, she didn’t barge in and I didn’t get upset.  No worries.

That’s about it. I’ve watched a bit of telly tonight but will get to bed soon.   Tomorrow F and I are off to Niigata for one night, so there won’t be an update tomorrow.  Don’t miss me too much.  I’ll be back sometime on Saturday most likely.  

Have a good night…and until next time….


Neko Neko Channel said...

Why do you find someone asking where you are from annoying? Why not just be polite and answer?

Helen said...

Why? Because it really is none of the person-at-the-next-table's business where I am from. I was having a family meal with my husband and mother in law, wasn't and didn't make eye contact with the man and in no way invited a conversation with him.

He wasn't trying to get to know me and he was with a big group of his own. I don't feel that I should be coup that needs to be counted every time some drunk guy gets nosey.

Nikki Yorozuya said...

I always find I get bothered more on national holidays than other times of the year by people who want to know where I am from. Today there were two instances. The first a museum attendant enquired what languages my baby understood, I didn't really want to be the entertainment but said a few words, then she said she had lived in Germany for 40 years and had recently moved to the area and we had a nice conversation about international families and Germany where .i have lived. That was a mutually satisfying exchange. Then she changed location and the next person came along and called my kids half, which is a derogatory word in Australia and the Uk, not sure about other places, and she asked to hold the baby who was relaxing in her seat, she would have cried if i had taken her out and given her to a stranger so I just ignored the request, said the minimum and moved on. Then at the local temple. I had left my in-laws holding my baby when i came back a local person was asking them 20 questions about us, she was enjoying it, they were answering quietly for me, i just waited to go. The woman kept the flow of questions coming looking at us like we were i don't know what, she was looking us up and down and asked my son his name, he didn't want to say wondering who she was but did in the end. We all wanted to go. I could tell my in-laws were abit bemusedby the questions and we excused ourselves and left. If it is a mutually interesting exchange I will engage but if it is inconvenient, annoying, invasive, I don't want to encourage it. It's like strangers demanding your time and attention regardless of your situation. I prefer to stay home on holidays because of it. Sorry this is an essay.

Helen said...

Your essays are always welcome :-)

You basically got to the heart of what I was thinking...if it is a mutually interesting exchange...or heck even if I'm out and about when I'm "on" but why should I feel obligated to "chat" when I'm not "on"?

I'm sorry that you had the second encounter. I wonder if the people who "interrogate" us have any idea how it feels to be on the receiving end of the questions?

Thanks for visiting :-)