August 14, 2017

Monday - Sunny and warm, bit muggy

A good day, all told.

I woke up at my usual time only to have F tell me that he wasn’t going to work.  He’d been feeling off the last couple of days and wanted to see a doctor.  I slept on a bit, but got up around 8 am to watch the news in English.  F snoozed on.  

He went to the doctor around 10ish, I went down before that and had breakfast with K.  Of course I offered to give F breakfast too, but he declined.  I did up the dishes after we ate, and then came back upstairs.

F came back later on, around 12 I think, and then some of his family appeared too.  His niece and his nephew and both spouses and all the kids came too.   Of course they weren’t visiting me, they were there for their great grandmother.  The kids certainly enjoyed themselves, and one in particular did a lot of running around the house! I didn’t come down for a while, but then joined the group.  I’m not terribly good in crowds of children or people for that matter.  

After they left, F, K and I went out for lunch.  We tried a new place and it wasn’t very good.  F tried the ramen which he said was horrible, K had a few dishes and tried to offload them to F, and I had katsu-don, which I quite liked!  It was very much a no frills place.  You picked up what you wanted on a tray, ordered, paid, and then picked up your order when it was ready.  After eating you had to bus your own dishes and sort out the refuse.  

We came back to the house after lunch.  F tried to nap, I watched a movie or two and worked on my crocheted blanket.  I actually “met” the baby that it is for today.  F wanted me to try to give it to her today, but it isn’t quite finished yet. 

Around 8 pm I started to request that we go out and have dinner.  I suggested Bikkuri Donkey!! because we don’t go much and I knew that F wouldn’t eat all that much anyway.  We went, shared a salad and I had a burger, F had a dessert.  It was rather nice.

We picked up a few things at the shop for F’s mother and for us.  I finally found the drink I’ve been looking for, a chocolate mint tea thing.  Yum.  

Of course F wanted to try it too, hence the two bottles!
We came back to the house and we put away the groceries and also did up the plastic garbage for tomorrow.  I put it in the genkan for F to take out in the morning.  A few minutes later we heard K take it out to the garage.  Argh!  It wasn’t the smelly/stinky kind of garbage, I’m not sure what she did that for.  It makes sense for it to be in the genkan so F can take it out if he goes to work tomorrow.  Hope it doesn’t become a ‘thing’. 

And that’s about it.  I drank the tea and it was good, a little too sweet, but rather nice.  It would be a treat kind of thing rather than an every day drink.  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what is going to happen because I’m not sure if F is going to be up to going to work or not.  If he takes tomorrow off I’ll likely have a day a bit like today, minus the family I think.   Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow…. 

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