August 17, 2017

Thursday - Hot and muggy

An okay day.

I got up this morning early because someone came back into the room and made so much noise that it woke me up. Really woke me up.  

I watched the news and half of Agents of Shield before going downstairs.  I set up the washing machine to wash the blanket.  I had asked F to show me which button to press for the delicate cycle, and I put the blanket into a laundry bag too.  

I asked K if she wanted to have breakfast, but she begged off today, said she wasn’t feeling good.  I had breakfast in the kitchen, and that was perfectly fine.  I did my dishes and was done just in time to take the blanket out of the machine and then I hung it upstairs.

I watched some TV, drank some tea and coffee and then came down for lunch.  K was asleep, or at least looked that way, so I didn’t disturb her.  I prepped lunch for myself and then brought it upstairs.  I stayed upstairs for quite a while today.

I began working on my column a little.  I made up a list of movies that fit the topic and even tried to see one of them on YouTube.  I didn’t have time today, perhaps tomorrow?

It was horribly humid in the afternoon, so I spent too much time changing my clothes, trying to stay cool and dry.  Didn’t quite manage it, but that’s okay.  

I took my dishes down to wash and saw K.  I told her with gestures that I had lunch while she was sleeping.  She didn’t seem upset. She was probably relieved that she didn’t have to have my weird western food! 

I went back upstairs and not too much later F called and then came back to the house.  He brought us some drinks which were greatly appreciated.  

He suggested going to Gusto for dinner tonight, so we did.  I had a Thai style curry, F had chicken and we shared some fries.  

After dinner we hit up the MaxValu for some groceries, both for his mother’s dinner and for my lunch tomorrow.  We came back to the house, gave  K her dinner and came upstairs.  We’ve had a pretty quiet night really.  F has been listening to his iPhone, and I’ve been watching TV or using my computer, so a quiet night all round.  We both showered and are still up quite late.  

I’m probably off to bed in a couple of minutes though.

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  If I’m smart, I’ll probably work on my column, but I’m not sure that I am smart!  Come back later and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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