August 2, 2017

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

This morning I got up when F did and got dressed.  I went out with him and got him to leave me at the Internet Cafe.  I spent the next few hours watching TV and being pummelled by the chair.  It was great.  It was cool in there, I could drink all the coffee or tea that I wanted and I could relax too.

Around 11 I checked out and walked over to my friend’s apartment.  She wasn’t there, but arrived about 20 seconds after I did.  We went in and spent the next few hours together.  She made us lunch (spicy tuna sandwiches…so yum) and we had some great conversations.  It was lovely.  Sadly, she had to work so she nicely drove me to the mall.  

At S-Mall, I put my backpack in a locker and then did a little window shopping.  I didn’t buy anything!  I nearly did, but then changed my mind at the last moment.  Around 4:30 I went to Doutor and had a large iced coffee and spent time reading Facebook on my phone!  F called me around 5:30 and met me in the mall.  He had a drink, and I had a second one too, then we bought F’s mother some dinner and delivered it for her.  

F had suggested one restaurant tonight, it was fine, but then I suggested Kintaro Sushi, so that’s where we went.  We had a lovely sushi dinner and it was much cheaper than the other place he wanted to go to, so yay! 

We bought a few more things at a grocery store and then came back to the house.  F and I had some ice cream and watched a little TV.  We both took showers before I watched Grey’s Anatomy. It was a sad one where one of the characters had a death in her family.  

Tomorrow I’m going out for lunch with another friend and then we’ll see what I get up to for the rest of the day.  Come back tomorrow and see if I had a good day again!

Oh and before I sign off, it is my niece’s birthday today. Sadly I have never celebrated her birthday with her, although I always think of her on her day.  I hope she had a good one.  

Until tomorrow….

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