August 20, 2017

Sunday - Cloudy and Hot, muggy

A surprisingly good day!

I slept in this morning.  Quite late!  I woke up first around 7, then went back to sleep and woke up around 10.  The next time I woke it was almost 12 and I hurriedly got out of bed and got dressed.  

F and I talked about lunch and even invited K, but she didn’t want to come with us. We stripped our bed and gathered the other bedding we wanted to wash. For lunch,  I suggested going to East, the Grand El Sun’s restaurant and F was okay with that.  We went and had a good meal. I had shrimp and zucchini pasta, F had curry.  I thought that mine was going to be cold pasta, but it wasn’t!  I misunderstood the kanji.  Still, it was good, so it really didn’t matter that much.

After lunch, we went over to the laundromat in Voice and did our bedding.  We got there just before another lady who seemed mad that we took two washers.  However, we did leave one large one open and she seemed to be able to get everything in it, so not sure why the grump?  I read more of my book, F did stuff on his phone and we got the stuff washed and then put into the dryers.  I paid for most of it, which is a bit of a surprise for me, but I had saved most of the money up.  No big deal.

We bought a few groceries and then came back to the house.  We made one of our old beds up for K in a room downstairs, and then made our bed upstairs.  We had some ice cream and then came upstairs again.  I read a bit on line and realized that there might be a festival in Tsuruoka tonight.  F looked into it, and so did I.  He found there was a flag festival near the main post office and I found that the big waterfall in Sakata was lit up for the last time tonight!  

We ended up going to both.  F drove us near downtown and we parked the car.  Then, we walked to the festival.  We looked around and thought about buying food, but didn’t.  The flag waving, when they actually did it, was very cool.  However, the MC was really in love with his own voice and never shut up.  He was gabbing on and on about nothing and it was really boring for me.  Maybe not for other people, but it was dull as ditchwater for me!  

After a while, it looked like some people were packing up, so we left.  We walked back to the car and then drove out to Sakata.  F couldn’t set the GPS for a while, although he did try.  We ended up somewhere in the boonies of Sakata.  Finally, F set the GPS and we were fine.  It took about 25 minutes to get get to the parking lot near the falls.  I was so hungry by this time it was crazy.  F bought me a tama-kon which was only okay.  

We walked up to Tamasudare no Taki Waterfall.  It’s the tallest one in Yamagata Prefecture.  They light it up during Obon and one other festival I believe.  Tonight was the last night, so it would be our last chance for a while.  Last year, F tried to take me there but it was about a month too late!

I took a few pictures of the falls…

We stayed near the falls for a while.  It was lovely there.  There seemed to be a nice scent in the air and it wasn’t too busy.  The sound of the water was relaxing and I would have stayed until they turned off the lights personally!  

We drove back into Sakata and had dinner at a Cocos.  It was fun finding it…I thought it was one place and I was right, but F said it was at another.  We went in, and I had taken two of the dessert coupons we were given at our usual one.  When we ordered, F only ordered one dessert!  I said to him, “ Oh, you aren’t having dessert?”  He said to me, “Oh, you want dessert?” Umm, yes.  We amended the order!

We drove back into Tsuruoka but it was quite late when we got back.  It was around 11 pm when we made it to the house.  We relaxed for a while and then took our showers and such.  

Tomorrow we are back to the normal rhythm of life I think.  I have no idea how that is going to go…it’ll be nice to have some quiet for a change!  I have things to do however, I really must start writing my column.  Come back if you will on Monday night and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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