August 3, 2017

Thursday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I woke up when F did and wished him a good day.  I went back to sleep and had to drag myself out of bed later on.  I watched the news and got dressed, then went down and had breakfast with K a little earlier than normal.  

After breakfast I did the dishes and bottled up some vinegar that I was giving to my friend and also to F for his work.  

I came back upstairs and started to get ready for going out.  A little while later I heard my friend’s car drive up so I waved out the window and quickly finished up.  I went out and my friend and her smiley baby went for lunch to Pisolino.  We had a lovely time together and the time flew by much too quickly.  She dropped me off at S-Mall afterwards.  

In the mall I did a little bit of window shopping again, but I also did some actual shopping today too.  In the hundred yen shop I got some correcting tape and some coin holders, and in a stationary shop downstairs I got a couple of new pens.  After a while I got tired of looking around, so I went into Doutors and waited for F to finish work.

When he came to pick me up he was tired and a bit sad that he hadn’t had any ramen today, so we went to Tai, the ramen and curry restaurant.  He had ramen and I had curry!  It was pretty good.  We also picked up dinner at the grocery store for his mother.  

We came back to the house and F gave his mother the food.  We came upstairs and I watched ER…it was the one with Anton Yelchin as a child actor, and the one that Lucy and Carter get attacked in.  They were attacked by….one of the actors from Numbers!  That was a surprise.  (I hope I don’t really need to write “spoiler” because ER is many years old now.) 

That’s about it for today.  Tomorrow I’ll likely be sticking close to the house, unless I go to the post office in the afternoon.  You just never know what I’ll have time for!  Come back later and find out about my Friday.  Until tomorrow….

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