August 4, 2017

Friday - Sunny and Hot

Was a good day, but….

Who would have thought that my simple request to look into putting a handrail on the stairs up to our rooms in this house to cause such ranting and wailing? 

I simply asked my husband to look into putting a railing on the wall.  The steps are steep and since we’re not getting any younger I think it makes sense to have a handrail for us.  Apparently my husband thinks that a handrail would be more dangerous since it would make the width of the already narrow steps even more narrow.  He thinks that if I fall on the steps I would hit my elbow and then fall anyway.  I told him I’d rather hit my elbow than break my leg, but apparently that doesn’t matter.  I have now been told that I shouldn’t live upstairs anymore.  Great.  That will definitely keep me safe, won’t it?

It did start quite well, today did.  I got up, had breakfast with K and then did the dishes and came back upstairs. (The unsafe ones without a handrail.)
I did a few loads of laundry and hung a lot of it over in the garage.  

Lunch was great.  I had some smoked salmon that I bought yesterday and the last bagel from the freezer.  I had salad and also the rest of the duck.  It was a lovely little feast. 

I washed the dishes later on, and watched a few of my DVR shows, plus the movie Wild. It was okay…I thought Reese Witherspoon did a pretty good job, but thought it was a bit of an odd story.

When F came home he was tired and he suggested going to the Internet Cafe.  We bought K something for dinner and then took ourselves off.  We stayed there for the next few hours, even going over our usual 3 hour time limit.  I had a chicken burger and fries while I was there…it was okay.  

We came back to the house, grabbed the drinks we had bought earlier and then came upstairs.  I made the “mistake” of asking F if we could get a handrail put on the stair.  The stairs are steep and we aren’t getting any younger. I thought it was a fairly simple request, but apparently putting in a handrail would endanger us both.  I’m not sure how and I think F’s logic is lacking.  At one point he suggested that I not live in this house anymore and I agreed that was a good idea.  Next moment he’s off on another tirade about breaking elbows on the non-existant handrail, or talking about how the wall would have to be rebuilt.  Rebuild away I say!  

Well, we’ll have to see if tomorrow goes well or not.  Judging by how the weekend is starting, it could be a rough one.  Come back later and find out how it goes.  Until tomorrow….


Orchid64 said...

Any steps without a handrail are dangerous. Narrow ones are moreso. There is no way that the width of a handrail will make it significantly narrower in any way. The idea is just silly. And, as for your not living upstairs... well, it's probably better there than Canada, right?

Honestly, sometimes, I don't know how you deal.

Helen said...

Thanks Orchid64! I agree with you about the handrail. However, to his credit, he is looking into it, by posting about it on Google+ ! Still, he is at least considering it, and that is what I really wanted him to do.

I even found a special kind of handrail (pig's ear/lamb's ear railing) that doesn't take up much room at all, but he wasn't convinced. The wall that the railing would go in might have to be strengthened or re-built in order to provide the right kind of support, so it would be quite an undertaking...but a worthy one I think. The steps in the house are quite steep and I know in the morning before I'm fully awake that I have to take my time going down them. In another 10 years or more, will I still be able to use the stairs without a railing? Will he?

I'm not sure how I deal either! But today things are going okay so far.

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