August 5, 2017

Saturday - Hot and Sunny

An okay day.

You might think that I would have a terrible day today since last night was so bad, but you would be wrong.  I didn’t have a fabulous day, but it was better than I expected.  

F didn’t sleep that well last night. I think he was still upset with me for daring to think about our mutual safety and he was quite worked up about it.  I was in bed and mostly asleep before 1:30.  However, the fact that F didn’t turn off the light for hours meant that I did wake up often, even with my trusty eye mask on. 

In the morning, F went to his doctor and came back a happier person.  In the meantime, I went downstairs and made guacamole with the remaining 2 avocados…K had taken one out of the bag and had eaten it.  I wouldn’t actually grudge her one normally, but I was planning to make guacamole with it and these avocados were small!  She apologized though, but I was trying to be the bigger person and said it was fine.  I made the guacamole and just used half of the packet of seasoning.  Yes, I know I could make my own, but I chose the easy route.   When F came back, I sliced up some of my garlic sausage, and F, K and I had a very international feast!  We had tortilla chips with guacamole and Ukrainian sausage from Canada!  Yum.  

I did the dishes and then F and I came upstairs.  He fell asleep after a while and I did some crochet end darning.  I got the baby blanket ends to be over halfway finished, so that was good!  

When he woke up he wanted to go out. It was nearly 5 pm and I was quite hungry since lunch was small.  We picked up something for K’s dinner and then headed out.  We wanted drinks and wifi, so went to Mosburger.  In the line up, I checked with F about what he wanted.  He said a drink.  So, I ordered myself a cake set….iced tea and a soy mango cake.  He ordered onion rings and french fries…then a hamburger too.  I was starving and he orders food…I was quite annoyed with him.  Of course, we had to sign on to the wifi system.  I managed to do it…in another language…and had wifi…F couldn’t figure it out.  He wouldn’t let me help him either.

We ate and then went for dinner.  We ended up at Tsukiya, the one that had just been redecorated.  I had a gyudon set with kimchi, F had a nato one. Yuck.  The movie time was getting closer and he wouldn’t leave.  I just get so annoyed with that. 

We made it to the cinema and I managed to annoy him by stopping in front of him when he was walking.  He does it to me all the time…and there was a person in my way at least one of the times.  We got the tickets and then he wanted to know if I wanted popcorn.  I didn’t.  I had a horrid headache from tension, and the kimchi gyudon didn’t really agree with me, so I decided to skip the popcorn.  I know he thought I was being strange, but I made the right call.  

We went to see Hacksaw Ridge and it was excellent. Andrew Garfield especially did a good job.  It was a bit odd seeing all the Australian actors playing Americans though! I jumped a lot during the movie, I found parts of it incredibly hard to watch.  I’m not in a hurry to see it again, but I’m glad I saw it this time.

We came back to the house via a convenience store and have spent a quiet time here ever since.  F kept asking me how to spell things, which was a tad annoying, but not a big deal.  I surprisingly had come out of the movie feeling much better than when I went in…headache was gone and my stomach felt a little more normal. 

So that was about it.  Saturday was a bit annoying, but better than my Friday.  Come back in a bit and we’ll see how Sunday goes!  Until tomorrow….

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