August 7, 2017

Monday - Hot and sunny

An okay, but hot day!

I got up on time this morning, but put my head down for a few minutes and overslept…oops.  I was late for breakfast, but it was okay.  K was snoozing too downstairs so I didn’t feel too guilty!

We had breakfast and then I came upstairs and watched some TV.  I made some coffee and tea and drank that.  I kind of relaxed. It was so very hot up here, that most other things were unthinkable.  At one point today, it was 35 degrees in our room up here.  Yikes.

I went down a bit later than usual for lunch and K was asleep.  I nearly just prepped lunch for me, but asked her if she’d like some.  She surprised me by saying yes!  We had quite a nice lunch.  She had some tofu, and we both had some salad, garlic sausage and English Muffin.  I didn’t give her a lot on purpose and it was a good strategy.  She seemed to enjoy her lunch, as did I.  

I did the dishes and headed upstairs again.  In the afternoon I watched some of the weekend’s TV, plus a few other things off the DVR.  I spent some time on my computer too, although I was a tad worried about how hot it was getting.  

When F came home around 6 pm we talked about going out.  I suggested Moku-Moku and I was surprised that he agreed to it and asked his mother.  She came with us and it was fine.  F and I each had pasta, she had a Japanese dish, but shared it with us!  

After our meal, we dropped her back at the house and then went to McDonald for a bit of wifi.  I was lucky and it worked tonight.  We were stuffed, so basically we just had drinks. We picked up a few groceries at the store afterwards.  

We came back to the house and relaxed for a bit.  F took his shower and I started watching Zombieland.  I love that movie…it is so smart and funny too.  

And basically, that is it for my day.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be a little bit cooler and I will be glad if it actually is.  The only bad thing is that it might be more humid and that would be awful!

Come back in a bit if you chose and see how my Tuesday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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