July 31, 2017

Monday - Hot, sunny and rainy at night

A good, quiet day.

I slept a bit late this morning, F got up and went out, but I had to keep going downstairs and taking him stuff that he left behind.  Just simple things like his car keys, cellphone and wallet. He wouldn’t need those at all would he?

I got up, watched the foreign news when it was on and finally got dressed and went to see about breakfast.  I had breakfast with K this morning, she was very quiet and so was I.  I did the dishes afterwards and then went upstairs again.  

During my time upstairs I drank copious amounts of hot tea and coffee. It was great!  I thought about doing laundry, but didn’t, I thought about doing a few other things, but didn’t.  I went down again for lunch but K didn’t want any.  I made some for myself but decided that I need to get something else for myself since it was too few calories.  Today I had sliced duck breast on salad, with vichyssoise.  It was nice, but wasn’t enough food!

I brought my food upstairs where I ate lunch.  After that, I finished the main part of my crocheted blanket.  I think it looks really good.  The fun part comes next, when I have to darn in all the ends.  Not my favourite part, but it should work out okay.  

Lots of lovely ends to darn!
I watched the news from the US and around 5 pm F called to say he’d be late.  He didn’t get back until almost 7 pm, poor thing.  

When he arrived we discussed where to go and I gave him a huge list of places.  We ended up going to Jiro and it was fine…nice even.  We closed out the restaurant and then went to McDonald to grab some wifi.  I didn’t get much at all, sad to say.  

We got a few groceries and then came back to the house.  I did the garbage up for F to take out tomorrow then came upstairs.  I also took a shower tonight.  I’m now kicking back and watching the Project Runway Reunion Special which is lots of fun.

Tomorrow I have a few things planned for myself, but I am not sure if I’ll be able to get them to work out.  Come back later and find out!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I like this one, the stripes and color combination. Are you going to edge it with a different color? And you made good time on it!

Helen said...

Thanks! After the last one, which took forever, I wanted something simple and fast! The colour combo did turn out well...it's girlish, but not too twee I think!

I'm planning to edge it in black, hopefully do a thin edging on top of that with pink. I'll have to see how much pink I have though :-)