September 13, 2017

Wednesday-Cloudy and rainy

More of the same.

This morning before F left for work he was almost friendly in the five minutes I talked to him.  I thought things were picking up.

I had a fairly normal day.  I had breakfast with K and then did the dishes, came back upstairs.  Today I didn’t do a whole lot of stuff, but I did a few things like making more of my CDs and packed a few more things in my suitcase. I also put my two suitcases together and weighed them. I think I’m still safe, but I have to be careful now.  

I offered K lunch, but she said she was full, so I grabbed the stuff that I bought for myself and had it upstairs. It was nice actually.

I watched quite a bit of TV today. I watched Agents of Shield season 4. I have one episode left and hopefully, I can get it watched before I leave. It was great. 

F was late tonight and he didn’t call before he came back to the house. That’s a bad sign.  I tried to talk to him but he wasn’t interested in talking to me. I tried, I really did. I told him I’d leave him for a bit to rest.

A few minutes later he left to go to the grocery store and get food for his mother. I had an idea of a place to go tonight, but when he came back he started undressing again. I asked him if he’d like to go for sushi, he said no. He said he’d brought food back for himself and his mother. He’d brought some soba and a bento. I demanded some money from him so that I could go and get my own food. He handed over a thousand yen note. How nice.

I took myself off to the grocery store too. I hate the store near here…much too small…I got some frozen pasta since most of the deli foods weren’t my thing. I also got a few meatballs. I biked back to the house. 

I went into the kitchen and heated up my food and then ate it there.  K came in while I was eating to wash up, but didn’t say anything to me.  Good thing too.

After I did the dishes and came upstairs I set up the curtain and closed the door on the bedroom. I’ve been watching TV with headphones on for most of the evening, save the bit when I took a shower.  

Tomorrow is one of our anniversaries. F has the day off and he’s made a reservation for dinner, but I’m really not sure if it is worth going.  I’ve had enough bad times with him. I suggested that he go to a doctor soon as he’s having some health issues again.

Anyway, I may or may not post tomorrow night. It completely depends on whether I have a good time on my anniversary or not.  Wish me luck with that. Until tomorrow….

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