September 14, 2017

Thursday - Cloudy, sunny and then rainy

A better day.

I woke up this morning because F had gotten up, left the room, but left his alarm clock on.  I wasn’t very pleased.  

I thought things were okay, but there was great wailing at his health condition so he wasn’t willing to talk to me at all. I suggested that he go to a doctor but I was shot down. 

He was quite nasty when he wasn’t sleeping, so I left him alone and went down to have breakfast with K.  That done, I came back upstairs and spent some time on my computer.  

F snoozed for a while which was good for him.  However, when he woke up he was still really grumpy.  I suggested going for a walk, but he wasn’t interested yet.  

He had set up the bread maker and made some bread.  I had a piece, but there was something off about the whole thing.  I finished my piece but worried that it wasn’t very good.  I don’t think the ingredients were bad, but something wasn’t right.  

He went back to sleep and I ended up taking a nap too.  Emotional days drain me.  I never did go down to have lunch today, I ate one piece of bread, and later on a cup pasta thing. 

F asked around 4 pm if I’d like to go for a walk but it was my favourite time to watch the news, so I turned him down.  Then, I asked if he’d mind waiting until 4:30ish as the news would be over then. He agreed.  

We went for a walk around the park, just once around, but it was good.  It let someone burn off some energy and l got to breathe fresh air.  Yay. F fell at one point though because he was trying to do some weird skipping thing and put his foot down wrong.

We went back to the house and both of us were much more friendly and nice to each other.  We popped out to get K some food and then took quick showers and got dressed up.

F had booked us a table at a nice place in town, but he hadn’t realized that they had moved!  I knew but he didn’t really believe me until he called the owners to see where they were.

We went to Bardet and had a fabulous meal.  We had bacon salad, carpaccio, roast duck and french fries.  Everything was very good and we were quite stuffed.

After we left, we went to another izakaya that F knew many years ago. It had changed a lot and the woman running it was different.  She liked to ask me questions about myself! This izakaya or snack was okay.  We stayed there about an hour but wasn’t that great.

When we left the snack it was raining quite hard.  We walked to the station and got wet.  After a few minutes wait, a taxi came and we came back to the house. 

F was really tired and went to bed soon after we arrived back.  I’m falling asleep over my keyboard, so will have to end this before it happens!  It became a much better day but I’m just not sure why F keeps getting angry at me for not liking the food that he does.

Anyway, come back on Friday if you’d like and see what I get up to.  Tomorrow should be a busy day, wish me luck with it.  That’s it for me.  Until tomorrow….

[edited on Sept 15 because some things I wrote didn't make sense at all!]

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