September 2, 2017

Saturday - Warm and sunny

An odd day.  

F and his mother went out rather early today to go to an onsen. I slept on for an hour but then took this chance for me to do a personal thing.  I had finished and was back snoozing when F came back.  He planned to go to the doctor’s office and invited me to either go with him or suggested that I get dropped off somewhere.  I chose the first option.

We went to the doctor’s clinic and it was busy.  I had brought along a book and some colouring. I let F work on the stuff he was colouring before, and then when he was being seen to, I did a bit of mine.  Soon after that, I went back to my book, How to Be a Canadian, which was extremely funny!

When F was finished and we were back in the car, he told me that his mother wanted to have Munikiri for lunch.  That’s the local noodle.  I started thinking of places we could go for it. Then he said he wanted to have lunch at home.  I wasn’t too happy.  We went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff to go with it.  I bought a pre-cooked bit of chicken for myself.  We had a blow-up before we arrived at the grocery store though.  I told him that I didn’t want to have noodles, but I would as long as there was something else that I could eat. I also told him that I didn’t want many noodles because I just don’t like them.  

We get back to the house and I went upstairs and let F get on with it. I came down in a bit and helped by plating the chicken and the sashimi he had to have. I was horrified to see that not only had he cooked the Munikiri, but he’d also done another noodle too…somen.  What the hell?  It was bad enough that he expected me to eat the local crap, but I also had to eat this other stuff?  And remember when I said that I only wanted a little?  Full bowls. I told him that I wouldn’t eat it all.

We all sat down in the living room and ate.  It wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t good either.  Plain boring noodles…no taste..just blah.  I gave F back some of both kinds and he ate them.  Better him than me.

I got stuck with doing the dishes, and of course, since F had cooked, every damn dish that he could use was needing washed. So frustrating. I washed and dried them all…took a long time.

I went upstairs to see what we would do now and I was ignored for the next 2? 3?hours.  Fine, two can play at that game. I snoozed for a while, then listened to music on my computer with my headphones on. That helped my bad mood considerably.

F asked me when the movie was tonight and I told him. I suggested going out for coffee since I was really annoyed that I was expected to stay in the house all day…what a wasted weekend day.  We went to Foodever near the station and had coffee. Of course, we ignored each other for the most part while we were drinking coffee.

We finally got underway and were on our way to a grocery store to get his mother’s dinner and I had suggested, ours too, when F asked about going for gyudon instead.  I thought it was a good idea, so we did.

We both had gyudon, I had mine with spicy eggplant and tomato sauce, he had his with raw egg.  We also got an order to take to his mother and delivered it. I hear she liked it!

After we delivered the food, we zoomed off to the local cinema to see The Founder, about Ray Kroc, the man who made McDonald's the phenomenon that it is. Michael Keaton was really good as the title character, who wasn’t a nice person!

We came back to the house afterwards via a convenience store and then that’s been it really.  We’re much friendlier than we were this afternoon, but F is in so much pain at the moment that he has no patience.  He isn’t a very nice person to be around when he’s like this. I know it isn’t his fault, but then again, I wish he’d remember that it isn’t mine either.  

Come back later and find out how Sunday goes. There’s talk that there could be an evening fishing trip and F might be walking around on the roof!  Until tomorrow….

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