September 28, 2017

Thursday - Warm and Sunny

A good day!

This morning I got up a bit earlier than the last couple of days and went upstairs.  My sister had gotten up early because my nephew had an early hockey practice.  Poor thing.  I didn't get up!

After breakfast and showers, she drove me into the city where she left me at the LRT station.  I hopped on the next train and then got off at Southgate.  From Southgate Mall, I transferred to a bus and then got off at Whyte Avenue.  I did a brief stop at the bank I used to work at, but then walked down the road.  It was quite amazing to see all the differences, even just in the last two years.

My brother in law had recommended a restaurant to me, so I went there and tried it out.  I quite liked it, although I enjoyed the starters a lot more than I enjoyed the main course.  I had Chicken Masala Perogies to start (just a half order) and then Chicken and Waffles with a kimchee coleslaw.  It was okay, but not great to be honest.  The waffle got quite soggy and there wasn't a big enough difference between the spicy and the sweet of the dish.  Still, it wasn't terrible! Here's a couple of pictures!

Chicken Masala Perogies/half size
Chicken and Waffles

For the rest of the day, I explored Whyte Avenue.  The weather was really amazing, and it was lovely to be out and about in my old stomping ground.  I even went to look at my old apartments.  Of course, I couldn't see in them, but I went to the outside of the buildings and they really haven't changed that much!

I stopped at a Second Cup for a cup of tea and a bit of a rest.  During the day I bought some books at the Wee Book Inn, got some stuff at a drug store and at a bulk food shop.  I also got a few souvenirs at the Chapters bookstore.  

I had to hurry along the street a bit to get to the restaurant in time for our reservation, but just made it!  However, my friend was running late because of a transit problem.  She wasn't very late though.

When we met it was great!  We were in The Continental Treat, a restaurant that we've been meeting up at for the last few years when we get together.  It is a lovely European restaurant with great service and amazing food.

We had mostly the same food during the evening.  We both started with the famous Dill Pickle Soup which is really incredible.  We followed it up with Pork Wiener Schnitzel with pan-fried potatoes.  My friend says that it is the closest she can get to Ton-katsu in Edmonton.  For dessert, we shared two desserts, the Chocolate Brownie and the Chocolate Torte.  We had them with coffee.  It was so good.

Dill Pickle Soup--yum!

Pork Wiener Schnitzel
Chocolate Torte
Chocolate Brownie

We did burn off some of the calories by walking over to the University LRT stop.  I was earlier than I had said I would be to my family, so I phoned my sister and talked to my nephew to let them know that I was going to be early.  Happily, my brother in law was already on his way.  I caught a train and about 10 minutes later I was at the meeting place.  I didn't see his vehicle anywhere, so thought I'd wait closer to the lights when I heard someone yell my name.  It was my BIL!  

We drove back to Beaumont and had a good natter in the vehicle.  When we go to the house we watched TV for a little while and then went to our respective bedrooms.  I'm still up much, much later!

Tomorrow I may go shopping again as there are a few things I'd like to pick up, or I may stay at my sister's house and help her clean.  Ha ha ha!  

That's it for me.  Come back on Friday night and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow....

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