September 9, 2017

Saturday - Sunny and warm

A good day.  

F took his mother to the onsen this morning so I had the house to myself for a while. I slept in a little and then got dressed.  When they returned, they suggested going out for breakfast, so we did.  We went to a gyudon place and it was okay, if quite calorific.

We brought K back to the house and then F and I zoomed off to the doctor’s office.  We spent about an hour there all told…no, he wasn’t busy and yes, that was an improvement!  After the appointment, we visited a couple of bank machines and then came back to the clinic for our medicines.

We debated going to the museum or having lunch afterwards and I suggested having lunch.  We had a few options, but finally decided on Foodever near the station.  When we got there, I had gapao rice and F went to a different place and had chirashi-sushi.  We ate together, it is basically a big, expensive foodcourt.  We also went to the coffee shop and had a coffee and a goat’s milk tart.  That was nice.

Then we went to the museum. The display today was of doll houses but when we first arrived, the room was so crowded. I wasn’t happy there as it was in the middle of a talk, so people weren’t moving and I couldn’t understand anything anyway. I asked F if we could leave and then come back another day.  We were going to do that, but when we told one of the workers in the museum that, they said it would be less busy after 3 pm. We spent the time until then looking at the garden and watching some men fix the thatching on one of the buildings. It was so cool.  We talked about thatched houses and F couldn’t believe that there were houses in Britain that still had thatched roofs.  

 Finally, after 3 pm we did go back and look at the exhibition of Doll Houses
and they were very cool. We were allowed to take pictures this time which was a bonus!
I think this was my favourite.  Hats are a bit flight of fantasy anyway!

After spending quite a bit of time looking at the doll houses, we left the museum and went to a local coffee shop for some refreshment. That was nice.

We decided to go to the second last showing of our movie tonight, so we went back to the house and checked if K wanted some food.  She did, so off we went to get it for her.  We brought food back for her and then we drove out to Mikawa for our movie.

At the mall, we didn’t have a lot of time before the movie and F wanted ramen of course, so I suggested splitting up for dinner.  He went to a ramen shop, I went for pasta.  Mine was fine, his wasn’t he said!

We went to see Dunkirk tonight and it was very good. I feel a bit like I’ve been through the wringer after seeing it.  So many emotions went through me. Christopher Nolan really is a good director!

We stopped off at the Mr Donuts after the movie to have a drink and a doughnut.  We stayed there so long that the mall was closed and we had to walk back to the car outside the mall.  Horrors!

We drove back to Tsuruoka and have had a quiet evening in. I watched a little telly, and F has been watching YouTube on his phone.  

That’s about it for me for tonight.  Tomorrow I am hoping to enjoy my day and make a plan for next week. I am crossing my fingers that it works out. Come back later and see how it goes.  Until tomorrow….

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