October 10, 2017

Tuesday - Rainy and cold

A good day.

I got up fairly early this morning and took a shower right off the bat.  My sister was out on personal business, so I thought it was a good way to deal with her absence.  After that, I dressed and went upstairs for breakfast and coffee.

My sister came back just after I finished up.  I was downstairs working on my packing.  I also did some laundry and got the last few things I had worn washed and dried.  My big suitcase is full and is very close to the limit, but should be okay.  My little suitcase is full and not really near the limit.  It is stuffed though.  I'm very glad that I didn't have to send anything to myself!

My sister asked if I'd like to go out for dinner tonight and the answer was yes.  My brother in law had suggested going for dim sum and I was very pleased.  I hadn't had any this trip.

I tried to check in for my planes tomorrow, but the system wouldn't let me as I am on a codeshare.  I hope like heck it'll work out!  I'm sure it will though.

We went into Edmonton and had dinner at the dim sum place my family likes.  It was really good.  We had a bunch of stuff and we were all so full afterwards!  We even brought a bit of food home for my nephew tomorrow.

We watched episode 4 of Star Trek:Discovery, which I am really enjoying.  I'm sure we won't get it on my channels in Japan, but it is a shame. I really have been enjoying it.  It hasn't quite found its footing yet, but has great potential.  I was thinking they were going to go in a Blake's 7 direction by making one of the main characters a convict, but I am sure that is just wishful thinking on my part!

We went our separate ways around 9:30.  I've spent some time redistributing my stuff between suitcases and I think I'll be okay tomorrow. I should go soon as I have to try and get some sleep and get up early to do my last minute stuff before I go.  I also have to say goodbye to my nephew and that will be tough.  He's a great kid.

I won't be posting for a few days.  Don't miss me too much.  I'll be back as soon as I can be.  Until....

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