October 15, 2017

Sunday - Cold and dreary

An okay day.

I went to bed around 11pm last night…so early. I had an okay night but was wide awake by 7am this morning.  Yawn.  I am usually not awake at 7 am on a Sunday.  

F and I finally got up around 9:30, got dressed, and took his mother out for breakfast.  We went to Gusto and had a nice but quiet brekkie.  I had my usual scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon and it was fine.  After food we went to MaxValu for a few groceries and then brought them back to the house.  

F and I went to the Internet Cafe for a few hours today.  I watched a couple of CSI shows and also tried to find bits on YouTube about a really silly reality show I watched while I was in Canada.  I saw a bit, but nothing too important yet.  

We left when our 3 hours were up and checked on his mum.  She was fine, and didn’t want lunch, so we went in search of some.  I really just wanted to go to Doutors but we ended up going to FoodEver first.  There was nothing suitable there, so we then went to the mall.  Of course, the Doutors was now very crowded with people just coming in, so we really should have gone there first.  We ended up going to the Pizza Hut and sharing a Bulgogi pizza. It was good, just a little sweet.  

We bought some food for our dinner and went back to the house.  K was cooking some fish and the kitchen reeked to high heaven. I lost any appetite that I had, plus I had just eaten so begged off for a while. 

I went down again about half an hour later and cleaned out the fridge a bit and also did the stuff in the kitchen sink.Gross. That helped me lose even more of my appetite.  

I had planned to eat something, but F wasn’t in the room. He came in and proceeded to get the only thing I wanted to eat out the fridge and spill the contents all over the fridge. He had to throw some of it out, so I just decided not to eat at all.  

I went back upstairs and had a little cry about being back in Japan in a house I dislike intensely.  It wasn’t helped by me not being able to find the light switch in the middle of the room or my bedside lamp switch. 

F came in and gave me a hug which helped immensely. A little while later he had his shower and then I had mine.  My stomach is growling now, but mentally I’m not hungry. I think I’ll wait until breakfast.  

So that was my day. It was rather a bust. I am hoping that the weather will be better tomorrow so that I can go out to the park or something and get a walk in. I have snazzy new shoes now, so I’d really like to use them!

Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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