October 17, 2017

Tuesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up this morning and did things a little bit differently for a change.  I was up and dressed before 8 am, watched the news in English, and then when it was over, went over to the garage and checked on my clothes that I washed last night.  Most of it was still wet, so I left it.  

I came back in, had some tea and then went down to see K and have breakfast with her.  After that, I came upstairs, got changed into some athletic wear and went for a walk in the park.  I was only gone for 30 minutes, but I did one and a half loops, so I was quite pleased with myself.  The weather was perfect for it and there were a lot of people in the park today.  

When I got back to the house today K asked if I’d like some of her bento, but I declined.  I really wasn’t interested in a fishy bento.  I came upstairs, cooled off and even opened a window.  It was that warm!

I had lunch an hour later. I brought it upstairs and it was nice. I had some smoked chicken, salad and bread.  It was all very nice.   I even went downstairs a little earlier to wash the dishes.  

During the afternoon I watched two episodes of Criminal Minds and finally got around to cleaning the corner by my bed.  I had talked to F about bringing my oil heater over there.  It makes so much more sense to have the heater in the room where we need it, rather than quite far away from the bed.  I already feel warmer.  I will have to be careful getting out of bed though. I don’t want to burn myself.  

F called me to say he was coming back, then called again to say he had to go out and did I want to go with him?  I did.  I asked him to help me find a bus stop, but he must have forgotten.  Grrr.  

We went to a couple of tire shops for F’s work, and then went to the grocery store and picked up stuff for dinner.  As usual we bought too much, but it wasn’t too bad really. There are enough leftovers for K’s lunch tomorrow.  

We cleaned up the kitchen and the living room, then F and I came upstairs.  We relaxed, had our showers and I watched Criminal Minds, the newest episode.  Really, that’s about it for the day.
I have to go out tomorrow to meet someone about my class on Friday, and to get my textbooks. I’ll probably leave early on in the afternoon and go downtown since that is the bus that I do know. I’m hoping to go over to Mikawa as well tomorrow night because my pants should be ready and that would be really nice to pick them up!

Come back later and find out what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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