October 18, 2017

Wednesday - Cloudy and Cooler

A good day.

I got up at my usual time this morning and made some tea. I had a problem getting started really but finally dressed myself. I watched the news and later went downstairs and had breakfast with K. She washed her own dishes today, not sure why!  

After breakfast, I did a quick load of laundry and then brought my now dry clothes in from the garage.  

I spent the next little while in my room getting ready to go out.I decided on yoga pants and a denim shirt, comfy and a bit warmer.  I took a jacket with me, and also a hat.  I left the house just after 11:45, said goodbye to K and walked to the bus stop. I was early, but not as early as I was last time. Yay. The bus was late too, so there’s that!

I got off the bus at the station and went into FoodEver.I thought I might get a cheapish lunch there, or a good one, or whatever. However, the places I wanted to eat were closed.  I thought I’d walk along the street and check out the other area near the station with restaurants, but they were all closed. Sigh. Internet Cafe then.  

I walked to the Internet Cafe and was able to get a massaging chair right away.  I had lunch there too and enjoyed myself relaxing away. I watched a pretty bad movie about present day Knights of Camelot in Thailand….they were all descended from the Knights of the Round Table (and they dance whenever they’re able). It was pretty crazy and not very good….sort of fun in an oddball way.  The thing about the Internet Cafe’s movie channel is that all of the GOOD movies are dubbed into Japanese. The bad, schlocky sci-fi ones are left in their original language.  Sometimes they are surprisingly enjoyable. This was very much a time waster, but some of the actors were better than they had to be!

I left around 4:30 or so, paid, and then walked over to S-Mall.  I did a little shopping in the hundred yen shop and then went to the place to meet my friend.  We had some ice cream, and she gave me the books for the class I’m going to teach over the next couple of weeks.  

After she left the mall, I texted F to see if he was able to come and get me.  He was, so I said I’d pick up some coffee for us. He met me outside the mall, a little later than he thought he’d be, but it was okay. We fixed our coffees the way we wanted and then drove to Mikawa Mall.  We picked up my newly hemmed pants and then went to the craft shop for a snoop. We decided to have dinner in the mall and went to the new soba shop. It’s part of a chain and was pretty good. I actually enjoyed it.  

We bought a few groceries in the big Aeon and then headed back to Tsuruoka. F’s neck is bothering him, and my thumb is me, so we think the weather is about to change. Sigh.  

We’ve had a fairly quiet evening here. I watched a bit of TV, but nothing too memorable.  

Tomorrow I need to prepare for my lesson on Friday, maybe do a tad more laundry and get a package ready to mail. I will be a busy person! I hope.  

Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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