October 22, 2017

Sunday - Rainy and Cool

An okay day.

We had a pretty good weekend all told.  It was a little funny on Saturday…neither of us looked at the calendar and showed up for our doctor’s appointments, only to find out that the doctor wasn’t open this Saturday and our appointment is for next week.  Sigh.

We went off to Yamagata in the afternoon and made good time.  I wasn’t feeling that great, I had woken up with a bad cold and my nose was running.  I begged off going to F’s friend’s brother’s yakitori shop because it is too crowded and smoky and I didn’t want to go there.  He suggested another place, but it was full.  Instead, we went to a place I’ve wanted to try.  It turned out to be an All Beatles All the Time kind of place. It was okay, but not great. The service was s—l—o—w.  We did go and see Atomic Blonde at the cinema in Yamagata and it was great.  Loved it.  Violent as all get out, but believable violence.  We went back to the hotel room, I had a drink of tea, a few potato chips and went to bed. I don’t think I even said goodnight to F.  

Unfortunately, he didn’t sleep as well as I did.  His back and neck bothered him, likely from the approaching typhoon’s high pressure system.  

We had breakfast in the hotel this morning, then checked out and drove to Costco. We spent some fun time getting stuff there. I have a hard time with F there, he just seems overwhelmed or something.  Heck, it is quite overwhelming I suppose, but I know what I want usually, he doesn’t.  We didn’t pick up too much stuff, but it came to a large sum!  We got a kitchen mat for his Mum and I, I got some raspberries & avocados, some tortilla chips, some popped popcorn for me, some garlic sausage and a few other things.  

We didn’t have lunch there for a change, we went out for Yakiniku.  It was fine, not the best or worst.

We also went to the Mall and did a little shopping.  I got a few craft things and F got some stuff for himself.  He also got his mother a vest-y thing for her birthday.  I got more guacamole mix at the Kaldi’s there as well.  We had a drink in the mall and then left!  That was it really.  

F drove us back to Tsuruoka and we made good time despite the bad weather.  We stopped at Cherryland for our gelato.  Today’s flavours were taro potato and edamame for F, I had chocolate and walnut.  I liked mine a lot!  We looked in the shops too, but only bought a little souvenir for his mother. 

We came back to Tsuruoka, and arrived around 7 pm.  We unpacked the car and then went out for dinner.  I had asked for Cocos and F, being obliging for a change, said yes.  We had an okay meal there.   I knew that F was tired, so I didn’t push going to the grocery store.  

And that was our trip really.  It wasn’t bad at all.  I feel much better today, in fact, I feel quite good.  I’m still taking the cold medicine, but I might stop tomorrow if things go well.  

Come back later if you like and see how my Monday goes. It might be stormy or it might be fun!  Until tomorrow….

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