October 26, 2017

Friday - Sunny and warm

A busy day.

This morning I got up and took my water pot downstairs to fill it up rather than bringing some water up in bottles.  I said hello to K and then watched the news upstairs.  After a while I made the bed and then went downstairs to have breakfast.  We had our usual cereals and today I added in raspberries again too.  Yum.  

I brought back in some of my laundry that was dry. I still have a couple of towels in the garage.  I watched some TV, cut up the cards for tomorrow’s lesson and just kept to myself.  I was late going down for lunch and so it looked like K was already eating. I didn’t ask her if she’d like to have some of mine.  It might be mean, but I don’t think she likes my lunches that much.  Today was good though. I had a bagel and smoked duck breast again, plus a hot salad.  The grocery store sells this thing in a microwaveable container with dressing in it.  It’s some vegetables that cook quickly like cabbage and mushrooms.  You heat and eat.  It’s really nice.  

After lunch, I decided to do some baking.  A neighbour had given K some blackberries and F had asked me to do something with them.  F suggested jam, but that’s a lot of work and there wasn’t enough anyway.  I wanted to do a cobbler, but ended up making a crumble instead.  We didn’t have the right ingredients for a cobbler.  

It took a while to make it as I had to find the ingredients, find my bowls & baking dish, wash and dry them all, make up the dish and then wash and dry and bake the crumble.  Ack.  The kitchen was covered in red stains…my shirt would be very suspect.  When I took the crumble out of the oven after 30 minutes it looked very nice.  I put it in the kitchen to cool and then went back upstairs.

When F finished work, he called and I asked him to bring some vanilla ice cream for the crumble.  He did…great big individual containers.  I served us all a helping of the crumble, plus a thing of ice cream.  It was nice, but there was too much ice cream!

I sent F off to get his mother something to eat. I stayed behind to do the dishes and then to change my clothes.  By the time F came back, I was ready to go out.  

He had asked to go to the Internet Cafe last night, but it was a bit late.  Tonight we decided we’d go.  He asked about dinner and I assumed we’d eat there, but he wanted ramen.  He’d heard about a ramen shop and wanted to go.  I volunteered to stay in the car, but then he got quite nasty about it.  So, I walked over to the ramen shop with him.  He had his ramen, didn’t like it of course, and then walked back to the parkade.  

We went to the Internet Cafe and each got a massaging chair booth.  I watched some regular TV, had my dinner (an okay but not great chicken cutlet burger thing) and read a little of a magazine.  
When time was getting short, I let F know.  We left as our time was up.

We made a quick trip to the grocery store for my lunch tomorrow and then came back to the house.  We took our showers and I watched a little TV.  

That was it for today. It was quite a good day really.  Come back later if you like and find out about my Friday.  Until tomorrow….

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