October 3, 2017

Tuesday - Cool but sunny

A good day.

This morning I woke up early, but overslept anyway.  Sigh.  When I got upstairs, my sister was working out so I had breakfast and coffee.  After a while, we got ready to go out.  We drove to Sherwood Park and met up with some of our relatives.

We had lunch with our cousins.  I honestly can't remember them from my younger days, but I know that I have met them before.  My sister knew them much better as she's been to various family get-togethers that our family have had while I was away.  We ate and talked and it was very nice.  They gave us a big envelope full of pictures and cards that our relative that died earlier this year had collected from us.  Some of the pictures are priceless.  There was one of me that I really liked of me as an 18 year old!

We had to leave in order to pick up my nephew after school, and just made it.  We parked in the parking lot and then came in after he got in the vehicle.  At the house, I checked to see if he had any homework to do, and he didn't.  Then, I asked him if he'd like me to take him out to dinner tonight.  He was happy to be invited!  We spent a few minutes deciding where to go and finally decided on a restaurant fairly close to the house.  That was important since we were going to have to walk.

We played a computer game for a while and then left the house a little after 6 pm.  We had to walk up a steep hill and it was still quite cold out.  It was difficult for my poor lungs (and legs) to keep up with my nephew.

We got to the restaurant and had a lovely meal.  We were in a Vietnamese restaurant and started with green onion cake and spring rolls.  Then we each had different entrees.  I had beef and vegetables on crispy noodles and my companion had beef on rice.  We both enjoyed our meals.  I paid and then we went over to the convenience store.  It has been years since I visited a Canadian Convenience store and it wasn't too bad.  It wasn't quite as great as a Japanese one, but it was okay!

We walked back to the house and then my nephew put on Doctor Strange.  I enjoyed seeing it again.  My sister came home during the movie and watched some of it with us.  After the movie she sent my nephew off to bed.  We watched a bit of TV and chatted about tomorrow.  Then, we went off on our separate ways.

I'm not sure what is going to happen tomorrow.  My sister will be away rather early tomorrow and my nephew gets out of school early.  I'm hoping to get out for a bit, but it might not happen.  Oh well!

Come back later and find out what does happen on Wednesday.  Until tomorrow....

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