November 11, 2017

Saturday - Cold, rainy, windy and yuck

An okay day.

This morning I went to bed really late so I didn’t get up until quite late.  I slept in until after 9:30. F had gotten up and gone out to the doctor early on.  He came back and wanted to get some breakfast, but we didn’t leave until quite late.  

I suggested going to the Kimuraya Factory store to grab a pastry and a free coffee for our late breakfast, so that’s what we did.  It was nice.  On the way back into the city, we stopped at La Casa to ooh and ahh at the pretty things, but didn’t buy too much today. 

We had a proper lunch at Foodever today.  I had the chicken gapao again, and F had chirashi-sushi.  The food was good, but I think I should go to the fish restaurant next time.  I saw a few other people’s dishes go by and they looked good!

We hit up a drugstore for a few things for his mother and ourselves, then the craft shop nearby.  We didn’t buy anything there.  

We went back to the house for hours. It was freezing in our room upstairs.  F had said he’d take a nap, but he didn’t.  I was on my computer for ages.

When it was dinnertime, we went and got some food for K and brought it back to her.  After that, we went to Gusto and had dinner.  I had steak and F had fish in a Japanese meal.  Things were fairly nice. I was trying to find the website of a local restaurant to check on something, so I used Google on my iPhone.  All of a sudden I saw a blog entry in English in the list.  I was surprised that another person in Tsuruoka had a blog in English.  I read a little closer and discovered that someone had basically stolen my blog.  They’d scraped my content over 3 years but put it under another name and URL.  I was quite shocked.  It’s not like I get a lot of traffic or that I post anything that is worth stealing!

After we left the restaurant, we made a quick stop in Yamaya and only bought one thing, a bag of cookies.  We came back to the house.

F went to bed soon after we got back, but I stayed up.  F got up, went back to bed, repeat and rinse, etc.  I took a shower close to midnight and F was going to take one, but couldn’t as he’d had a treatment this morning.  

So that’s it for my day.  It was okay, except for the blog and finding out that someone had tried to pass off my blog as their own!

Come back later and find out what we’ll get up to then.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

That's crazy! I'd be pretty annoyed by that. Did you report the blog theft?

Helen said...

I did report it, but Blogspot basically asks for every URL that they stole! I got tired after posting 3 months worth of URLs! It was crazy. The person stopped all of a sudden about 2 years ago.

I also put a comment on their blog telling them that I reported it!

Thanks for visiting. I've been reading your blog, just not sure what to comment about.

Rosa said...

So weird. I don't understand why people do stuff like that. What do they get out of stealing your blog entries? Besides being annoying, I mean.

It's not really happy stuff I'm posting. I'm so burned out on school... I need to get in the right frame of mind for the upcoming break and holidays.

Anyway, thanks for reading. :)

Helen said...

I have no idea why or for what purpose! I suppose I'm lucky. I've read that some people have their blogs linked to porn or other distasteful things. I'm also glad that they seem to have stopped doing it!

Good luck with the holidays. I hope you have some decompression time.