November 12, 2017

Sunday - Rainy and cloudy

A good day.

I slept in a bit this morning and then got up.  I had suggested to F that we take K out for breakfast this morning, but it was too late for that.  He was going to invite her out for lunch, but she already ate.  Oops.  

Anyway, F and I went out for lunch to Hyakkenbori and had a good one.  I had teriyaki chicken and F had tempura.  We were both pleased. After lunch, we went to S-Mall to buy my bus tickets for my trip to Sendai.  I am going to attend ETJ with my women’s group.  I might even take in a presentation or two this time, you never know.  We got the tickets easily and then had a cup of coffee or tea in Doutors and then a quick trip around the hundred yen shop.

After all of this, we went back to the house for a few minutes to measure the windows in our room.  F had finally decided that we really should insulate them. I’ve been saying that for ages.  The next step though was to go to the various hardware stores looking for the materials.  We went to a few places.  It wasn’t all lost however, I really wanted to work on my Christmas shopping and I got a couple of things at one shop. Yay me.  F finally found what he wanted at a place near our old apartment and then came back to the house.  It was rather comical. He had bought these big sheets of styrofoam, but they were too big for the back of the car.  He had to put them in the car so they touched the ceiling.  Basically, when he sat in the car, his head kept the sheets up.  The back window was covered so he couldn’t see that way either.  We made it to the house, I’m not sure how!

F got to work on cutting the sheets and I left him to it.  He’s much better at things like that than I am.  He fitted quite a few in the windows, so the windows in our bedroom are done.  The windows in the other room aren’t done yet.  I went downstairs and since F had made a big mess on the floor I thought I’d clean some of it up. I was picking up the medium pieces of scraps on the floor when K came out of the living room and started piling up F’s materials.  I didn’t know if he was finished yet and tried to get her to stop.  In the first place, it is our mess, and our responsibility to clean it up, in the second, if he wasn’t done, he wouldn’t be too happy with her for interfering.  

F came downstairs and stopped his mother from helping.  He decided to finish for the night since both his mother and I were hungry.  I cleaned up the mess, threw out the scraps and put away the broom and dustpan.  A few minutes later K got out the broom again and “re-cleaned”.  Oh well, power to her.  I think it was done, and she actually spread what was trapped in the broom out more.  Sigh.  

We all piled into the car and went to Gusto.  Yes, again, but it was fine.  Tonight I had a hamburger with soup and a bun, the other two had Japanese style meals.  One reason I like that place is we can all have something we like.  

We did a fairly quick trip around MaxValu to get a few groceries.  I’m going out tomorrow so we needed to make sure that K would have some food during the day.  That done, we came back to the house and went our separate ways.

I had a veggie evening relaxing.  Both F and I took showers and relaxed a bit.  Tomorrow, F has an earlier than usual start, and I’m meeting my friend quite early too, so K will have the house to herself. I hope she enjoys it!  

Come back later and find out what I get up to on Monday. Until tomorrow….

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