November 14, 2017

Tuesday - Rainy and cool

An okay day.

I had a pretty normal morning today. I got up, had some tea and then went down for breakfast with K.  We didn’t have tea because she hadn’t plugged in her water pot.  No big deal.

I came back upstairs and sorted my laundry out. I also watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars during the washing part of the day.  I did three loads of clothes.  Yay me.

I stayed up here a bit late and went down around two thinking K would have eaten already, but she hadn’t. I asked her if she’d like lunch and she said yes. I threw a few things together for her and I and then we ate and had tea together.  We had salad, smoked chicken, a vegetable stir-fry we had bought and a piece of walnut bread each.  It was quite nice to be honest.  

I did the dishes and came back upstairs.  I started working on a Christmas letter to send out, but it was slow going.  This hasn’t been the best year for me and it is hard to be cheerful and happy because of it.  I suppose I could really be my usual grumpy self in the letter…I could call it the Scrooge Report or something.

When F came home he didn’t want to eat out tonight and suggested getting ingredients to make a nabe.  That was fine, but on the way to the store, he suddenly asked me if I’d make it.  I don’t make nabe and he knew it. However, I have been complaining for ages about his terrible soup base and suggested that I could use consomm√© cubes instead.  He grudgingly said I could.  We bought the ingredients we needed and then came back to the house.  

We both did some of the prep, F did do most of it though.  I made the soup base up, and made it a bit strong, which was a good thing.  I set the table, and F did all the veggie prep.  He put everything together and we put it out on the table.  It was really good!  My soup base was nice. It actually had some taste, unlike his!

I did the dishes afterwards, while F continued to work on covering up the windows.  I know that it is making our rooms up here warmer, but I feel like I’m in prison.  There isn’t much natural sunlight coming in the room at all and it is quite depressing.  Today, I pulled back one of the covers so there was some natural light in the room. 

We had a fairly quiet evening tonight.  F had just gone to bed, and I’m planning to go soon too.  Tomorrow I have a few things to do, so I need to work on that.  

Come back later if you are so inclined and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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