November 16, 2017

Thursday - Cool, rainy

A good day.  Also, happy birthday to my younger sister!

I actually slept in late a few minutes this morning.  Since they have shuffled the foreign news broadcasts in the morning, I haven’t had the same reason to get up for 8 am on the dot.  Still, I got up and had my tea and did the bed and got dressed, the usual.

I went downstairs and had breakfast with K.  We had some tea, but a little after we finished our breakfast as the water wasn’t on.  It was nice.  I did the dishes and then went upstairs.  I watched an episode of Reign. I enjoy it, but it bears no resemblance to actual history.  Megan Follows is pretty great though.

I looked at the clock and realized that I had to move my butt if I was going to get out of the house on-time to catch my bus.  I really was quite ready to go, so it wasn’t a big deal.  I left the house after saying goodbye to K.

I caught the bus easily. I was a bit worried because the front of the bus didn’t have the right number on it, but figured that it was a mistake on the driver’s part. It seems that it was as the bus went exactly where I needed it to go! 

I got off at the station and walked back to the post office.  I was looking for Gotochi cards for a swap I’m doing.  I went in and the first person I saw was a worker from my old branch.  I think she’s a floater as I’ve seen her in another branch too.  Anyway, her face lit up when she saw me and we were both pretty happy to see each other!  I don’t know if she understands English, but she seems to, although she hasn’t spoken any to me.  Anyway, I got the cards I wanted and then I was off again.  

I walked back to S-Mall. I passed a new shop on the way and discovered that it was a tarot reading place.  That was interesting!  I was hoping it was a new coffee shop.  At S-Mall, I did a little pre-buying, or window shopping until it was time to go outside and meet my friend.  She picked me up and we went off to Anmol, the Indian restaurant.  We had a lovely lunch and lots of conversation.  Sadly, around 3 we had to leave the restaurant and she had to get back to work.  She graciously left me off at the mall again.  

I walked to my hairdresser to see if I could get a haircut today.  She was busy and asked if I could come back tomorrow.  I said I couldn’t, but made an appointment for next week.  I’ll go back again on Wednesday.

I walked back to the Mall and did a little shopping.  I bought a couple of small things for presents and then went to Doutors and had a lovely cup of coffee.  F came and joined me when he finished work. 

We picked up some food for his mother there and then delivered it to the house.  I did a quick email thing I had to do and then the two of us went to the Internet Cafe for a little massaging chair action.   We both had dinner there too.  Afterwards, F used our points to pay for the evening, so we only owed about 500 yen.  Woot.  

We came back to the house via the grocery store. I’d forgotten to get a few things that I needed earlier.  I got things that I can share for lunch tomorrow if necessary.  

We had a quiet evening in.  I did manage to FaceTime my sister to wish her a happy birthday. It was lovely to see her, although the phones kept cutting out.  

And that was my day. It was a good one, but now it is over and I have to get to bed.  Come back later and see what I get up to!  Until tomorrow….

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