November 26, 2017

Sunday - Rainy all day

A goodish day.

I slept in very, very late this morning and it was wonderful. I was asleep! I hadn’t set any alarms so when F woke me up I was surprised. His mother had gone out with his sister for a little treat, so we were guilt free!

F woke me up, but then we couldn’t leave for lunch because he was making bread. Honestly, couldn’t I have slept a little longer? I was hungry when I woke up…let sleeping Helen lie, say I. After 1 pm we were able to leave. Our first restaurant choice was closed because of a power outage, so we went on to Cafe Irodori. I liked it today. It wasn’t too busy, although they had sold out of at least one dish today. I had the baguette set which was clear soup, baguette and my choice of two of their main dishes. I had the vegetarian curry and the chicken keema curry. F had the genmai set with pork nankotsu and the chicken keema curry. We both had coffee afterwards. Yum.

We drove back into Tsuruoka afterwards and went to the Chido Museum. Today’s exhibit was all about things from 50 years ago. Most of it was quite interesting. There was even a little room set up for picture-taking, which was quite fun. Of course, we went to the garden too, but it was getting dark and it was raining really hard, so didn’t stay very long.
F in the museum.  He fits in, doesn't he??

It's the wrong kind of tea for me!

The trees are already prepared for winter snow.

After the museum, we went to the electric shop. I needed new ink for my printer. I also got some labels to [try to] make address labels for my Christmas cards. We had a good snoop around, hurray for us.

We came back to F’s house afterwards and saw his mother. She’d just returned too. We talked about going for dinner, I suggested an udon place. We were all getting ready to leave when K said she couldn’t find her glasses so we had a search for them. No luck. F called his sister and even a store his mother had been to, just in case, but nothing.  Finally, they were found in her bedroom. Second time this has happened.

We went to the Udon restaurant and had a nice meal. I suggested a salad too, so we had that as well and it was good. After dinner, we went to a grocery store at my request so that I could get some food for me, and for K if she’ll have it.  

We came back to the house and I tried to get the labels set up. Unfortunately, as always happens, F can’t help me. I got things mostly set up, but then I got the spinning beach ball of death on my browser and I had to junk the whole thing. Working in a language that bears no resemblance to my own is very difficult. 

Also of note tonight, F cut his thumb quite badly. He claims it was a paper cut, but it is a “V” shaped cut. He’s had to change the band-aid a few times already. Yikes.

I tried to watch Crimson Peak again tonight, but with the label thing, I wasn’t able to pay attention to it.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me. Tomorrow, Christmas cards, putting together my Christmas project and hopefully getting those labels done. Wish me luck with it all! Until tomorrow….

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