November 29, 2017

Wednesday - Rainy and then clear

An okay day.

I got up this morning on time and did my usual stuff. I went down to have breakfast, but K wasn’t around. I decided to just make my own breakfast and not worry about it. I had my usual, and enjoyed every bite!

I came back upstairs and did some Christmas card writing and some internet checking too. I ended up going down early-ish for lunch. By now, K was up, so we ate together. We had some salad, some tongue, an open-face tuna-melty thing and then some jam and bread for afters. Oh yes, and a cup soup too. It all disappeared and I didn’t feel like I was giving her too much food.  The tuna-melty thing was serve-yourself, as was the jam and bread. 

I did up the dishes and then came upstairs and finished writing up my Christmas cards. I have one more that I may write, my friend may prefer a New Year Card instead.  I was thinking about running the cards to the post office today but ran out of time. I will hopefully do it tomorrow.

F called me a couple of times. The first time was to tell me he’d be late, the second was to tell me he was finally on his way back to Tsuruoka. However, he was an hour or more away. I went down to tell K, but I thought she was half asleep and she didn’t hear me when I called her name.  I decided not to bother her.  

When F came back he wanted dinner fairly soon. I suggested either going to Gusto or going for sushi.  F chose sushi. We invited his mother, but she didn’t want to go. We went to the supermarket to get her something for her dinner and for our lunch tomorrow, then went to the sushi place.

F had made a reservation, so we got right in. He wanted to order a couple of the new specials which was fine of course, but he suggested one of them for me. I said okay if he shared it with me. Well, it arrived, he opened it and then put all the spice on it. I gaped at him in disbelief.  He knows I don’t like things as spicy as he does.  As he did that, I reminded him that the dish was for me, and that his one was still coming. His being noodles in soup dish, mine was noodles without soup.  He mixed mine up, took some of it and left the rest for me.  Well, of course it was too spicy and kind of bland at the same time! I wouldn’t have it again. The sushi was okay tonight, not bad, not great.

After we finished at the restaurant, we went to McDonald to get a bit of free wifi. We both had coffees which means that I’m now a bit wired. 

We came back to the house and I did up the garbage for taking out in the morning. Five seconds later, F put a shrimp tail in the clean bag, despite there being a still open outgoing bag on the floor. Just dumb stuff really.  I went upstairs and brought down my garbage, the water bottles I use to fill up my water pot and the kerosene tank for the heater. He was supposed to fill it for me. He took so long and didn’t do it, that I started it. It was a new pump to me and while I figured out how to start it, I didn’t know how to stop it. He showed up around then and told me to push the button. I did, but nothing happened. Just frustrating.  I asked him to show me the written English instructions for the device but he ignored me. I made him take the tank back upstairs since I needed to wash my hands. 

Anyway, he went to bed fairly early thankfully and I stayed up and wrote this.  

I had other frustrating things happen today too, something about a Christmas Card exchange.  I was going to participate, but it seems to be quite complicated and the people running it are people that I’ve had run-ins with before, so I think I will bow out now.  I also feel a bit like I was told off for wanting to send my friends and family nice cards, not cheap crappy ones, so, I am out.  

Tomorrow I hope to get to the post office and perhaps do a bit of wrapping of Christmas presents.  Even if I just do the laying out of gifts and deciding who still needs something, it will be A Very Good Thing!  

Come back tomorrow if you dare and see how things go.  Until tomorrow….

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