November 8, 2017

Wednesday - Cloudy and then rainy

An okay day.

Call this the runny nose day.  All day my nose has been streaming and I am not happy about it!

K slept in again this morning.  She did get up earlier than yesterday so I heard her banging around the house and didn’t have to worry about her!  I did have breakfast by myself, which I rather enjoyed, to be honest.  

During the day I got a small package ready to go out in the mail.  I was going to go and mail it, but I checked the weather app on my phone and it said there’d be rain soon, so I decided not to do it.  It was a good call as 20 minutes later it started to bucket down!

F popped into the house just as I was planning to make my lunch.  He talked to his mother and it turned out she didn’t eat lunch yet because there wasn’t any food.  Oh no! I felt bad and offered her some of mine.  I don’t know if she really liked it or not, but we had salad plus some duck breast, avocado toast and cup soup.  She seemed to like it and it all disappeared anyway! If I had realized that there wasn’t much of her food in the fridge I would have come down earlier to eat. 

I came back upstairs, did the package wrapping and also registered a postcard that I got today.  Today’s was a fairly rare one, it came from Algeria! I’ve never had one from there before. 

When F came back from work he wondered about dinner as always.  I suggested taking his mother out for dinner and some grocery shopping.  We were thinking about a few different ideas but finally decided to go to the Udon shop near the big grocery shop.  I didn’t like it the last time I went so I usually say no to going there, but it was convenient tonight.  We did that and it wasn’t too bad.  It was pouring, so F dropped us off outside the door and of course, K barrelled into the restaurant.  She wanted to sit down first, but the staff told her she couldn’t!  I tried to get her to look at the wall menu, but she wasn’t interested.  She’s an unusual gal!  F came in after parking the car and he had one oddball in front and one behind.  

His mother didn’t have udon, she had some oden and some onigiri.  F had some tempura and some udon, and I just had their special tan-tan udon that was quite good. Too bad it is a limited special and not an everyday thing.  

We went over to the grocery store and bought a few things for ourselves.  K got a few groceries and I got some things for lunches for the next couple of days too.  We paid, bagged our groceries and left.

At the house, F asked if I’d like to go for a walk, but the weather was threatening rain again.  There was lightning too, so I didn’t think it would be prudent.  

He got ready for bed quite early, we were both in our pyjamas by 8 pm I think.  It’s just gone over into midnight and I’m planning to go to bed as soon as I post this.  I am rather tired today.  This cold just doesn’t darn well seem to end.  

I hope to be able to go to the post office in the afternoon tomorrow. I would also like to mail a couple more postcards this week.  I’m not sure what else will happen.  Come back a bit later and find out!  Until tomorrow…. 

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