December 1, 2017

Friday - Snowy!

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched the news, had some tea, same old, same old.  I went downstairs around 10ish to have breakfast with K, only for her not to have breakfast with me!  I tried to make tea for us, but she didn’t want any, and she didn’t eat her cereal while I was in the room!  I had thought about skipping breakfast because I was going out for lunch, but didn’t want her to be alone all day, so had a half breakfast!  

I did the dishes and then went to get some of my laundry from the garage.  It was still very wet, but I brought a few pieces over to the house and hung it up.  I got changed into something a little nicer and then around the right time, went downstairs to meet my friend.  She was nearly on time and I went out to meet her.

We went out to Cafe Irodori and spent the next 3 hours or so out there.  We had a lovely lunch.  Today the place had a nice, laid-back vibe and the fact that my friend had her daughter with her made it a nice place to be.  The staff made a fuss of the baby and helped with putting out a chair for her.  Other customers were friendly to the baby too and to be honest, the baby was very good.  I played with her a bit so my friend could eat and we got on very well.  We talked about many things, my friend and I, and it was just nice.

The view from outside the restaurant.  I did mention it was snowy, didn't I?

Sadly, our time ran out and I asked my friend to drop me off at S-Mall.  She obliged.  I got out of the car and did a little window shopping.  I bumped into my husband’s ex-doctor and we said hello to each other.  He was a nice guy and spoke very good English.  He even asked after F, which was nice of him.  

I wandered around the mall and did a little shopping, had a rest at one place and then did more window-shopping.  I ended up in Doutor after a while so I could use the free wifi and also start my book.  I’ve just started The Clairvoyant Countess and I’m about a quarter of the way through it.  It’s by Dorothy Gilman (of the Mrs Polifax novels) and I’m finding it an easy, interesting read.  

F picked me up after 7 pm.  He’d had to drive out of town today.  He wanted me to think about dinner, so I suggested Sashimiya.  We went there and there was a sign on the door. I thought it might be saying they were full, but it meant that the private rooms were full.  We were able to sit at the counter.  F had a donburi and I had a couple of side dishes, grilled chicken wings and pad thai.  I shared the pad thai with him.  I quite liked what I ate and I didn’t have to eat rice.  Yes!

We stopped off at the grocery store and got a few things, then came back to the house.  F gave K her dinner and then booked himself a massage.  He went off to the place and I stayed in and did some computer things.  I also discovered that Yahoo Groups has disappeared.  Oops. Yahoo, what are you doing?

I was able to watch Castle in peace and to watch Scorpion as well, although I really didn’t care that much about it. F came back a bit later.  After a few snacks, he went to bed.  I had a few snacks too and then stayed up and blogged! 

Tomorrow F has to work in the afternoon. It’s quite unusual. I have decided that I am going to go out and enjoy myself. I’ll likely just go to the Internet Cafe for a while, but it’ll be nice for a change.  I’m not sure if I’ll see a movie tomorrow or not. It depends if F feels like it when he finishes work.  

Anyway, come back a bit later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….  

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