December 22, 2017

Friday - Rainy and warm

Half good, half horrible.

I got up this morning, had a quiet morning and then went down for breakfast. K was nowhere to be seen, so I grabbed my cereal and then came upstairs and ate.  I went back down a little later and washed my dish.

I got dressed and waited for my friend. When she was due to come I went downstairs and hung out by the door.  Still no K.  Oh dear. I was going to show her what she could have for lunch, but she wasn’t around.  My friend arrived and we left.  I never saw K at all in the morning.

My friend and I had lunch at Pisolino and it was very nice.  I didn’t eat as much as I could, which is probably a good thing!  We enjoyed our chat and then went over to S-Mall for a few minutes.  She was looking for things but didn’t find all that she wanted.  She decided to leave to find things on her way home, so we hugged, wished each other Merry Christmas and then went our separate ways.  

I walked to the local post office and mailed off a card, then came back to the mall and did a little shopping.  I spent a bit of time and money at the hundred yen shop and got some stuff to pad out F’s Emergency Kit in the car. I gave it to him last year and I checked it out last week.  It’s not too bad, but I wanted a few other things for it.  I also got K some self-threading needles and a packet of needle-threaders.  

I wanted to have a little time to myself, so I went downstairs to the coffee shop and had a soy latte. I didn’t get round to writing my cards the way I planned, but I did catch up with my phone apps!  

F called after 5 sometime and said he was done. He came to pick meet me and we decided not to go to the chiropractor tonight.  I’ve been wanting to go again for a while.  

He suggested dinner in the mall, so I rattled off the restaurants and he picked Patio upstairs.  I had to use the washroom first and did.  Then we were standing outside the restaurant and I told him how difficult it is for me to have to pick the restaurant, especially since I end up with a sore stomach from the stress of it. I never pick the right one for him.  We were going to go into the restaurant and I suggested that he not order ramen there since he always complains about it. I like some of their other food, he’s never tried it.  As I was telling the waitress that there were two of us he said, “No” and walked off.  He told me off for “talking too much.”  He tried to make me choose where to go and I wouldn’t.  So he walked back to the car with me in tow.  We got in and he drove to a place I hate,  Midori Shoku-do.  He got out of the car and went in and I stayed in the cold car.  He was in there ages, probably having ramen.  

We went to a grocery store after that.  Since I’d been sitting in a cold car for 40 or more minutes, I needed to use the washroom, so did that. When I came out, I couldn’t see him, so I bought my stuff for dinner.  I went outside to get in the car and it was gone. Seriously gone.  I went back in, texted him, and then called him.  Apparently, he’d gone to the nearby sushi restaurant to pick up a flier and then came back.  

We drove home and I got out of the car, put my stuff in the fridge and came upstairs.  He gave his mother some food.  I heated up some of my food and was going to eat in the kitchen but it was too cold. I brought it upstairs.  I ate and then took the empty plate back and washed it.  

F has been in a bad and cranky mood all night.  I asked him to do something for me tomorrow, but it is going to result in him bullying me because that is how it always ends up. 

It sounds like I might have an early morning tomorrow so I should probably end this and get some sleep.  

That’s it for me.  Sounds like Christmas is going to be a lot of fun around here, doesn’t it?  Oh, I did get my little tree up today….but moved it so that it isn’t in my way.  

Until tomorrow….

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