December 24, 2017

Sunday - Clear and warmish

A good day.

I slept in this morning, but so did F.  He got up around 10 I think and took his mother off to the onsen.  I got up after they left and took care of a few things around the apartment. I also had my breakfast.  Yay me. 

F came back and went back to bed for a nap.  I was working on my nengajo again but went over to visit him for a little while.  A bit later we decided to go out for our very late lunch!  K was fine for food for now, so off we went. I wanted to go to the main post office to drop off my nengajo and then to S-Mall to buy some more.  Well, we got to the main post office and they were selling nengajo in the post office. Woot.  I had thought that since it was a Sunday they wouldn’t be selling any there. I dropped off my finished cards, we bought new ones and off we went.  

F drove down the main street to get to the mall and I saw the fish restaurant on the corner. I suggested going there instead of to the mall, so that is what we did.  It wasn’t very busy, and truth be told, the waitress was terrible, but our food was pretty good.  

After our meal, we went to the drugstore and then the grocery store. I wanted more last minute things for tomorrow, and something for my lunch, etc. After that, we went back to the house for a bit.  

A little while later, F wanted to have dinner so we checked if his mother needed any.  She did, so we went for a bento for her.  I got some salad for me for lunch tomorrow too.  We drove back to the house and F dropped off the food for her.  Then, we went to the Internet Cafe.  They had a new menu again, so we both had our dinners there.  F had noodles and was disappointed, I had a rice/french fry and roast katsu that was quite good.  I watched a bit of TV and then some YouTube.  

We left and came back to the house.  I rather naggily asked F to help me clear the kitchen table.  Tomorrow I’m supposed to make nibbles and there wasn’t a square inch of the table that I could work on.  Of course he got mad at me and took off.  Oh, and I did up the garbage and filled the kerosene container in our room too. I cleared off about a third of the kitchen table, it’ll have to do.  

I am rather annoyed about something.  I bought a lovely Christmas pudding in Sendai that I’m planning to have tomorrow night. F bought a Christmas Cake tonight and didn’t serve any of it to anyone.  That means we’re going to have to have Christmas Cake —Japanese style and Christmas Pudding tomorrow night for dessert.  I’m very upset.  He was supposed to give us the cake tonight so that it wouldn’t clash.  Well, if those two want to eat cake, let them.  I’ll keep the Christmas Pudding just for me then.  I know they won’t appreciate it the way I will.

F and I soon made up and had a nice but quiet evening upstairs.  I printed and wrote a few more nengajo, I am hoping F will post them tomorrow.  He went to bed just before midnight and after midnight I gave him the very small amount of presents that I had for him.  I got him a few more things for his car’s emergency kit.  I got him another toque, a candle and matches, an aluminium sheet for either sitting on or putting on the back of the car and something else I can’t remember.  

I should get off to bed soon as I have a lot to do tomorrow and I’m rather nervous about it.  Come back later and see what I get up to!  Until tomorrow…Merry Christmas! 

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