December 7, 2017

Thursday - Warm and sunny, then rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning, but it was a bit of a struggle.  I made it just as the British news was starting on the telly. I had some tea and after my NCIS: LA fix went downstairs. I talked to K and she wanted to have toast this morning for breakfast. I prepared that for her and had my usual yogurt and granola. I asked her if she preferred coffee or tea and she said coffee, so tomorrow, I’ll bring down some coffee for our breakfast drink.  

I did a bit of laundry for F and also before breakfast took out the garbage which he had forgotten to take with him. I snapped a couple of pictures of the day, it was so nice outside.
All that overhanging snow fell on the house steps.  Bad design says I.

Along the road outside the garage.  Look at the blue sky!

I came back upstairs and did some online stuff. I also did a bit of sewing. I had noticed that one of F’s uniforms had a pocket hanging off the front, so I mended it. It wasn’t perfect, but I think it’s okay. I think! It is surprising how long things like that take.

Lunch was interesting today. Last night, F had bought his mother some tonkatsu for her dinner, but she’d only eaten half of it. I thought that she’d probably like it for lunch, so heated it up for her, along with some things that I bought for us to share. We had some gyoza, some chicken roll, salad and soup. Well, K skipped the tonkatsu completely, had most of the gyoza and half of the chicken roll, plus a bit of salad and some soup.  It was fine, but it surprised me. Sometimes I think she doesn’t eat much, but other times she eats a lot. Still, it is good to see her eat since she didn’t eat much when she was sick. 

In the afternoon I planned to do some wrapping, but it just kept getting put off. Around 4 pm, I went out and shovelled snow. I started with the driveway since it was still light enough to see it. I took out the big chunks of snow that the snowplough left behind. K came out to see what I was doing and sort of asked me to do the steps of the house. Of course, I was going to anyway, but I did an especially good job of them!  It was quite warm out and a little rainy, so I did get a bit wet.  

When I finished I came back inside and up to my little lair. I did some computer stuff and watched the news that I had missed while I was outside. 

F didn’t get back to the house until after 7 pm. He’d had to go to Yamagata today. He said Yamagata city didn’t have any snow!

We talked about dinner and F checked with his mother. She’d finally eaten the tonkatsu so didn’t need anything. That left us free. I suggested an Internet Cafe visit and a cheap dinner first. We went to a gyudon place and then went to the not very busy Internet Cafe. It was great.  I sat in my chair prepared to do a little crochet and fell asleep. I basically snoozed for two and a half hours.  I would set the chair to massage, wake up when it finished and re-start it. I didn’t do any reading, crochet or internet using. I guess I was tired.

We came back to the house via the almost closing grocery store to get a few things for tomorrow’s lunch.  I got some hot salad and some tongue.  I hope I can put together an interesting lunch with that.  

Back at the house, F and I vegged and I watched a little TV. He’s trying to sleep now, and I really should get some sleep too.

I will probably update tomorrow night, but if I don’t, there won’t likely be an update until Tuesday at the earliest. I’m out of town over the weekend. Don’t miss me too much. Got to go. Until tomorrow….

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