January 16, 2018

Tuesday - Warmer and rainy

An okay day.

I woke up after F left for work and got up. I did my usual morning things, decided that I didn’t feel all that great today, so didn’t do my laundry.  After my breakfast, I took my plate and some other stuff downstairs, washed it, and then came back upstairs.  

I took a half hour nap and it was just what I needed. I felt so much better afterwards.  

I went down a little later to see about lunch. K didn’t want any, so I made it for me. I had some leftover curry on one of the naan bread, that was good.  I had a couple of tofu burgers too, plus some salad.  Lunch was really nice.  

Later on, I washed my dishes and then I went out and did a little snow shovelling.  There wasn’t a lot of it outside, just some snow that had fallen off the roof of the garage or the part near the entrance that hadn’t melted yet.  I moved a lot of it and then came back inside.

When F came back from work he wanted to talk about going for a bath.  I didn’t really want to, but said I’d think about it.  He told me that K had cooked dinner, some kind of pork stew with daikon and konbu. I wasn’t enthusiastic, but F wanted to eat here.  

We went down, and even though K did the cooking, we had to do the serving.  I’m not sure how that works.  F heated up the stew and as always didn’t get it hot enough.  I set the table, made the instant miso soup and tried to help when he’d let me.  The food was fine, just the stew wasn’t warm enough for me and there wasn’t very much meat in it.  Sigh.  

F did the dishes and I dried them.  He really wanted to go to the onsen so I went with him.  I have a huge mysterious bruise on my thigh so I didn’t really want to go, but whatever.  I’ve had to do so much that I haven’t wanted to do since I got married, what’s one more getting naked in public anyway?

It actually was one of the better nights I’ve had at the onsen!  No-one tried talking to me and I got to relax a bit, so that was good.  The only thing is that I am having an itchy reaction to the shampoo at the place. I really should bring my own, and I will if I can get a small bottle for it.  

After the onsen we had a drink and left.  We went to MaxValu and I picked up a few things for lunch tomorrow.  F picked up something for his mother too, and then we came back to the house.  

We had a fairly quiet evening and then F went to bed around midnight. I’m still up.  My nose didn’t run as much today until after the bath. After my nap, I felt a lot better, so that is good.  

Tomorrow I hope to be able to do more laundry, work on my knitting loom project and maybe do some Postcrossing!  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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