January 21, 2018

Sunday - Colder and snowy

A good day.

This morning F and his mother went to the onsen and then to a place to order her a hearing aid.  Although it is a bit of money, I hope it’ll be a good thing for her. I think she feels a bit isolated because she just can’t hear things.  

When he came back it was ages later, around 2 pm.  I wanted to have lunch, but he didn’t seem that motivated! We ended up going to Gusto and had a nice lunch.  I had stew, F had fried oysters.  

We came back to the house and stripped our bed. I finally got F talked into going to the laundromat.  We washed our bedding…well, put it in the washing machines there.  F bought something for his mother’s dinner and then delivered it. I waited with the bedding and then transferred it to a dryer. While I was waiting, I worked on a huge knot in my yarn. It took ages to get undone.  I don’t have a clue how it got that bad!

When the bedding was dry F and I folded it and then brought it back to the house. We made the bed with our warm and fuzzy sheets, so hopefully will feel warmer in bed. We left again to have dinner.  We had decided on the place near the post office, but when we got there, they were closed for a private party.  We went to Sashimiya instead.  It ended up being a good thing as the fish was good and fresh.  Dinner was really nice.

We bought something for me at the drugstore, and a few somethings for F.  After that, we zoomed over to Machinaka Kinema to see Nocturnal Animals.  It was really thought-provoking.  I really liked it on reflection, but I do wish the ending had a been less uncertain or airy-fairy, and more cut and dried.  Still, it was good!

We came back to the house via a convenience store for a few things.  We had to move the mattress around because we realized that we hadn’t moved it before we made the bed earlier on.  That meant we had to re-make it a little! Oh well.  

And that’s it really.  It was a good and fairly productive day. 

Yesterday was good too. F and I had lunch at an Indian restaurant and then he dropped me off at the mall. He took his mother to a hospital to visit her mother.  He met me and we had a drink in the mall.  We went back to the house and decided that we’d go out for the evening.  F called the owner of a dining/bar we like to see if he was open tonight. He was, but later.  We went to Foodever and had a light dinner with interesting food first.  F had cod soup and we shared a kabu and chicken salad, and an order of fish and roasted potatoes.  Everything was lovely.  We walked over to Bardet and had a couple of drinks and some more great food.  I thought it was enough, but F wanted more!  I mildly suggested karaoke, but when we checked we would have had to wait another hour for a room, so passed on that.  F found another fish restaurant and we went there and had more drinks and food.  I think it should be said that I was trying to get F not to have so much food or alcohol! 

We walked back to the station and took a taxi back to the house.  We had had a really nice time together and since I was tired, I just wanted to get some rest, so went to bed without blogging.  Sorry!

So, if you are still with me, that just about covers the last two days.  Come back soon and see what happens next.  Until tomorrow….

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