January 27, 2018

Saturday - Snowy but a little warmer

A good day.

F didn’t get up and go to the doctor this morning.  He stayed in and we both slept late!  

We took his mother out for lunch with us to a Chinese restaurant. The food was okay, but mine wasn’t great. The others seemed to like theirs which was good.  After lunch, we went to the post office and took care of something for me.  While we were there, I suggested taking his mum out for coffee with us.  She was okay with that, so we went to Doutors together.

I got the drinks while F and K sat down.  We had a nice time really.  After our drinks, we went to the hundred yen shop and then the grocery store for K and me to pick up a few things.

We brought K back to the house and F and I came upstairs and had a little vegging time.  After that, we left again to go for dinner.  We went to the restaurant near the post office and had a pretty good meal.  F had pork piccata and I had chicken namban.  

We had about an hour to spare before our movie so I suggested going to McDonald to get a drink.  F was okay with that, so we drove off.  We used our App coupons and got the drink and chocolate pie with hazelnuts in it combo.  The drink was good, but my pie thing was horrible.  It tasted so greasy.  The first bite was nothing but grease, the second bite was oozy and gooey and messy.  I had chocolate paste everywhere and I didn’t really like that!  I finished it, but I probably wouldn’t have another one.  I don’t know if mine was old or had been cooked improperly, but I didn’t like it.

We drove to the movie theatre and went to see Get Out.  It was really good I thought.  Some of it really surprised me, which was exciting.  

After the movie, we came back to the house.  I ended up turning on the TV and catching the end of The Nice Guys, which I had watched in December in one of the hotels I stayed at.  It was much funnier this time.  Then, Trainspotting came on right after it.  I haven’t seen Trainspotting since my best friend sent me the video of it during my first year in Japan!  I hated it then…laughed my head off at it now.  Well, not exactly off…but a whole lot more than I did then. It’s quite amazing how most of the cast is still around and what they have done.  Trainspotting 2 is on tomorrow night, so this was good prep.  

And that’s brought you up to speed more or less.  I should be getting myself off to bed soon as it is horribly late and I’m getting a tad tired.  Come back later and see how my Sunday goes.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

How funny! I was just blogging about watching the Get Out trailer and thinking it would be too scary for me to watch. (I am very easily freaked out by horror movies.) I kind of want to see it, but even the trailer was too much for me! I hear it's a really good movie though, especially for those interested in issues around race in America.

That chocolate pie sounds terrible! I'd need a good chocolate experience after that to blot out the bad one. Lol!

Helen said...

It is a horror movie, but the suspense builds and builds gradually so it doesn't seem too bad. I had read a bit about it, so I knew more or less what was going on, but it was still exciting to watch. I'm honestly not a big horror fan, but I did enjoy this film.

And yes, I do need a good chocolate experience to wipe away that one. It was messy and greasy....blergh. Excuse me, I need to find some chocolate now ;-)

Thanks for visiting :-)