January 29, 2018

Monday - Snowy and warmer until the evening

A good day.

F got himself off to work this morning and I slept in a bit. I didn’t really mean to do that, it sort of just happened! Still, I got up just a little bit later and did my usual morning stuff.  I went downstairs for breakfast and didn’t see K.  I grabbed my breakfast and my mail (2 incoming postcards) and went upstairs again.  

I watched some of the Grammy Awards today, but sad to say, I don’t really have much idea who the people are.  Obviously, there are singers that I know, but the ones that are popular now…generally, I have no idea who they are! 

I also worked on the dread cull.  I finished checking the list and then I sent all the people on the list an email to say that I would have to remove them soon.  Still, that part is done and went smoothly.

I grabbed my lunch and brought it upstairs.  It was nice and I watched a little telly for a while.  Around 3:30 I went downstairs to wash my dishes and after that went outside to shovel some snow.  I worked for about an hour and got a lot done.  I cleared the concrete path by the house and garage off. It was hard as the snow was packed and very heavy. I was tired when I finished but when I went inside, K was suddenly there.  She handed me a bucket with F’s wet clothes in it and basically told me to go and hang them up in the garage! Umm…okay.  When F and I lived in our apartment he did his own laundry, now we’re back here, his mother does it.  I know he’s busy, but I still think he should and could do it!

I hung the laundry up in the garage.  Big deal.

Came back in the house and took off my coat and stripped off my hat.  My hair was a mess so it got combed before I went upstairs.  

F was late coming back to the house, he had to drive out of town for work. When he came, he talked to his mother and she wanted to go out with us.  F suggested one of the udon shops, so I picked the best one.  Just one problem.  F had misplaced his wallet.  He searched the car, his clothes, his bed and nothing.  I offered to pay for dinner tonight, so we all went out.

The dinner was good.  We all had the same thing and shared a salad. 

After dinner, we drove to F’s office and he checked in and checked his work car.  Success!  He found his wallet. We drove back to the house.  F had wanted to go to an onsen and he almost talked me into it, but we didn’t finish dinner until after 9 pm and they all close at 10pm.  We really wouldn’t have time for a good bath.  He ended up having a shower tonight.

F and I spent a bit of time sorting out the plastic garbage for tomorrow.  His mother sorts out her garbage but doesn’t always follow the rules, so we need to check her stuff and then do our own.  I do most of it, F takes it out in the morning.  Hurray!

And that’s about it. I watched Project Runway because.  We’re at the end of the season, today was the preview to the runway and it was good.  I missed watching The Great British Bake-off, but may catch up with that tomorrow as I really like it. I DVR’d it.  

Come back in a bit and find out how my Tuesday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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