February 11, 2018

Sunday - Cloudy then snowy at night

A good day.

F and I slept in quite late this morning.  Finally, he got up and took his mother out to the onsen.  I got up after they left and took care of a few personal things that I needed to do. While they were gone, I had some coffee and a bit of breakfast.  

They came back after 1 pm.  F had taken his mum out for lunch, so he’d eaten, but just a little bit.  He was hungry and wanted to go out again.  We decided to try Hyakkenbori.  

We were able to park there this week and went in.  I asked for a noodle dish, the one I’ve been planning to have for ages but it was already sold out.  Boo.  I had another one instead.  We had a nice lunch there and then left.  It was after 3 when we left the restaurant, so F suggested coffee.  He took us to the mall to Doutor.  

At the mall, we went and bought our tea as it happened to be.  I drank mine, but F took a nap.  I was upset with him because I was supposed to leave for my friend’s apartment right away.  I tried to wake him up but it was hard. I think he was just really tired.  Finally, I managed to rouse him and we left the mall.  F dropped me off outside my friend’s apartment and I went in.

For the next few hours, we did some crochet, some knitting or some sewing of crocheted things together (that was me!)  It was fun.  We did a lot of chatting since there were two people there that I either hadn’t met before or had only met briefly.  I helped one woman crochet a granny square and she seemed to have a good handle on it when I left. 

The hostess and one of her friends had made some pakora, so we all feasted on them and had some tea as well.  I had brought along a couple of halal friendly snacks, so we had one of those too.  It was really nice and fun to be in a group of women again.  

All too soon, I had to meet up with F again.  He was a dear and picked me up.  He’d eaten a bit too but was still a little peckish. I wasn’t very hungry as I’d had some good food, but came with him to Kintaro Sushi.  We had a little bit of sushi…I think I had three plates today, he had a little more.

We drove over to the movie theatre and bought our tickets to see Interlude in Prague.  It was not a great film, but it was okay.  I liked the music and the performances.

After the movie, we drove back to the house.  We stopped in a convenience store for a few minutes, but then came back to the house.  F filled up our kerosene heater but was so cold in our room. I felt bad for him because I was soon quite warm.  He’s now sleeping away.  

So, it was a good day. I was able to work on a project that I’d put off for months and get something done on it, so I am very pleased about that.  Also, it was nice to go out and do things with people.  Now if I could just get a friend for F to do things with I’d be so pleased!

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow and see how F and I spend the last day of this long weekend.  Until tomorrow….

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