February 15, 2018

Thursday - Cloudy but clear, snowy at night

A good day.

I got up this morning pretty much on time and watched the news.  I made the bed which was more difficult than it should be because a certain husband had left a bunch of clothes all over his half of it. I basically made the bed and then put his clothes back on it.  He can sort them out.  

I watched my shows, had my breakfast and then took a nap. I didn’t feel all that well for a bit so decided I needed a little more rest. I set my timer for 20 minutes, turned off the lights and the heater and got into bed. After the first 20 minutes I reset the timer and did it again, but after 40 minutes I did feel a lot better.  

I started to pack my suitcase today and I also did a bit of tidying up. I unearthed a bunch of clothes I had forgotten about, things that would be good to wear this season (long-sleeved shirts chiefly) so put a lot of things in my laundry basket. Over the afternoon, I even managed to get a few drawers closed in my chest of drawers.  Woot!

I watched quite a few things off the DVR today and erased them. Around 2 pm I went downstairs and grabbed my lunch.  It was just a chocolate chip bagel, some steamed veggies and a tongue sandwich but it was nice. I knew K was up as I heard the heater go on, but she didn’t come into the kitchen and I didn’t go into the living room.  

A bit before 4 I went downstairs and washed my dishes. Then, I dressed and went outside to do a little snow shovelling. I didn’t have to do very much. A bit of snow had fallen off the porch roof, so I took care of that, then neatened up a bit by the road so F could have a smoother entrance to his parking space. I didn’t take too long to do it, so decided to go for a walk. I walked over to the nearby temple (or shrine…I always get them mixed up). I walked there, looked around and came back! There isn’t much to see and everything was under quite deep snow.  

Back at the house I came in and went upstairs. I finished with my suitcase for today…then waited for F to finish work. He called me at his regular finishing time to say that he was in a place about 2 hours away, so wouldn’t be back anytime soon, and did I want to go to the onsen tonight. I told him I’d think about it! 

F arrived a bit after 7 pm. He’d brought a bento for his mother and came upstairs.  He told me that he really wanted to go to the onsen. I had half prepared to go, I’d sorted out a couple of towels and my go-bag and said I’d go. We hadn’t eaten dinner but would do that after he said.  I was starving!

We drove out to our usual place, but when we were nearly there I had a thought. Today might be their closed day. Oops. I said to F that I wasn’t sure it was open but he thought it was. We got there and it was closed. Oh no! We ended up driving quite far to go to another place that F liked.  We went there together once before, but this time, the men’s and women’s sections had been switched. I liked it this time because it wasn’t busy and the air was so steamy you couldn’t see across the room! I enjoyed this visit, although the onsen doesn’t have a rotenburo.

After we finished, we left the onsen and drove back to Tsuruoka. I suggested going to Gusto for dinner because of the free wifi and the fact that they stayed open quite late. We went there and had an okay meal.  

We came back to the house afterwards. I watched a bit of TV and F stayed up much too late.  Well, me too I suppose.

Tomorrow I’m going out with a friend for lunch.  I might see if I can get a haircut afterwards too.  I am desperately needing one!  Come back later and see what I get up to on the morrow.  Until tomorrow….

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