February 16, 2018

Friday - Clear but cool and windy

A good day.  

I got up this morning, watched my early drama and had my breakfast during it.  It was a good choice for a change.  I did a few things in my room and then changed for going out.  It was nice outside so I decided to go outside and wait for my friend.  

She came just a few minutes later and we drove off.  We didn’t really have a plan of what to do, so I suggested going to a karaoke box to have lunch.  We didn’t have to sing if we didn’t want to, we could have lunch there and since we were able to get the family room, my friend’s little one was able to walk around the room and stretch her legs.  It was a good idea. The food was okay, but honestly, we were there for the company anyway!

After our time was up we walked a little bit on the main street and then came back to her car.  She went back to her city and I walked over to my hairdresser to see if I could have a haircut. Luckily, I could!

I spent an hour or so with my hairdresser and she cut a lot off my head.  My head feels lighter and my hair looks so very much better! There’s something uplifting about getting a good haircut, maybe it is being pampered a little, but it was nice.

When my hairdresser finished, I paid her and went on my way.  I went to a drugstore first and did a little shopping. I needed some travel toothpaste, amongst other things.  I walked back to S-Mall and visited the hundred yen shop and did a little shopping there too.  I finally ended up in Doutor where I read part of a book on my phone and drank some tea.  

F called finally to say that he was finished work. He joined me and we had another drink together.  We grabbed some food for his mother at the grocery store and then delivered it.  

At the house, I brought in my shopping, changed into more casual pants and grabbed my knitting.  We drove off to the Internet Cafe where we spent 3 hours in the massaging chairs.  I watched some TV, F watched YouTube and we were both happy.

We came back to the house when it was over and watched some of the Olympics repeat.  It was quite good.  Today’s major sport was Men’s Figure Skating, so it was nice to watch.

And that’s about it.  It was a day where I walked a lot and did a lot.  I’m rather happy about it all.  Come back later and find out what I get up to on Saturday!  Until tomorrow….

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