February 18, 2018

Sunday - Cold and windy, snowy too

A good day.  

Just reading back in my blog, it was a year ago I announced that I was going to have to move.  A lot has happened in that year, and even though the move is over, I still don’t feel “settled in” and don’t think I will for the foreseeable future.  I feel like I have had to give up too much of my independence and autonomy. I am slowly getting used to things here, but that is still a long way from being at home here.

This morning F and I slept in quite late. I was out of bed and at my computer long before he was, which was rather surprising.  I spent some of my time shaving his favourite sweatshirt. I’d bought a clothing shaver at the hundred yen shop earlier in the week and used it on his shirt. It really did look better afterwards.

Around 1 he started talking about lunch, so I suggested going for sushi since his mother would probably come too.  We went to Kula Sushi, which was quite a success.  We had 6 plates of onion rings between us…this time we started off with one plate each and then K asked if we could get some more, rather than stealing all of F’s! We had a nice time there and left a little after 3 pm.  

I had to be at my friend’s apartment at 4 pm, so we dropped off K at the house and then came back downtown.  We had about 20 minutes and F suggested going for coffee.  All well and good, but we got to the mall a scant 10 minutes before I had to be at my friend’s.  After one spin around the parking lot I suggested just getting coffee at a combini, so we drove off to one.  There was one near her apartment.  We went in, and neither of us bought a coffee!  I got a bottle of mugi-cha for later and F got something too.  F dropped me off at my friend’s apartment and we spent the next couple of hours chatting, crafting and then eating.  Yum!  My friend is a good cook and made some pakora for us.  They were so good!  I had supplied some chocolate covered dates and they were very nice too.

F called me around 7:00 pm and asked if I was ready to go. I wasn’t really, but I think my friend had other things to do.  I let him come and pick me up and off we went.  

We went to pick up a few things from the grocery store, but when we got to the parking lot, F asked if there was a movie on tonight that we could go and see.  I checked, and there was!  So, we ended up at The Zookeeper’s Wife.  It wasn’t bad. I had read that it wasn’t great…I would say it was quite good.  I didn’t love it but did think it was worth seeing.  

After the movie, F and I hit up a convenience store for a couple of items and then came back to the house.  I got the gomi ready to go out tomorrow and set up the garbage places for next week.  

I took a shower but it was so cold in the shower room I was worried about freezing parts off.  It didn’t happen, happily!

We had a quiet evening after that.  F wanted to watch some of the Olympics on TV, I didn’t really.  He got to see a few things so he was happy.  

And that is that, quite honestly.  It was a good day. I finally got the two pieces of my poncho sewed together.  I’m trying to fish out the basting line now, but it isn’t going well.  Now if I can just do the crochet bit around the neck I’ll be happy!

Come back later on and see what I get up to on Monday. Until tomorrow….

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