February 19, 2018

Monday - Sunny and clear

A goodish day.

I tried to get up on time this morning, but I didn’t feel all that well.  The room spun a bit and I just generally didn’t feel that great.  

I stayed in bed until 9 and then did my usual stuff.  I did a couple of loads of laundry today too, slightly inconvenienced by F leaving a load of his stuff in the machine.  Wonderful person that I am, I hung it up for him so it would dry. 

I had my breakfast and watched a bit of TV off the DVR.  I had a fairly quiet morning.  In the afternoon, I watched the rest of a film I’d DVR’d last week. It was rather good.  It was called Little Boy.  Not one I’d normally want to watch but had an interesting point of view.  

I heard K downstairs and when the film was over I went down to say hi and to grab my lunch. I did offer some to her, but she was full.  I brought it back upstairs and ate.  

Around 4 I went down again, did my dishes, and then went outside to see if I needed to shovel snow. I didn’t really need to, but I did anyway.  There was some ice that I tried to clean up and I neatened up other areas.  I also tried to shave the snow a bit thinner so that it would melt.  We still have so much snow.  

I heard from F around his usual finishing time and he came back from work.  He wanted to take a bath tonight, but I didn’t. I had taken a shower here last night, didn’t want to go to an onsen.  Since his mother didn’t want dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant.  Funnily enough, it wasn’t the one we planned to go to, that had closed already.  We ended up at a new-to-us place.  It was fine and we might be back.  

I asked that we go and get a few groceries so F took us to Mina again.  They didn’t have any salads at all!  I got some steamed vegetables for tomorrow and also more yogurt.  We came back to the house and after a few minutes, F left for the local onsen.

I had a nice quiet time alone. I watched The Great British Bake-off and started re-watching The Silver Linings Playbook when F came back.  He felt better, but not a lot.  

We had a quiet evening together.  I did up the plastic garbage for F to take out tomorrow morning. 

That’s really about it.  I had a good, quiet day today. Tomorrow I hope to do more laundry and maybe finish packing my suitcase and work on my column again.  Come back later and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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