February 20, 2018

Tuesday - Warmer then snowy. Boo!

A goodish day.

I got up pretty close to the right time for me, but couldn’t watch the news for a while. I had to fill up the kerosene heater up here and also my water bottles for my water pot. It took a few minutes, but I got it done.  

I had a quiet little morning. I did some laundry after 10 am, and also found more of F’s stuff in the washer. I hung it up here so it would have a chance at drying.  

I had a fairly good day. I finished packing my suitcase and put quite a few things in that I had forgotten before. I discovered that my suitcase has a big crack in it. I’m very upset about it as I have no clue when it happened. I also ripped a couple of CDs that I hadn’t done before so I would have a bit of “new” music on my iPod. I watched a few things on TV today, but after a while just turned it off and listened to a podcast or two.

I decided not to bother going outside but changed my mind. I was rather surprised when I was out because there was some snow in front of the house. I shovelled it away and then did a bit more in the yard.  However, it was starting to snow. I went for a quick walk around the block and then came back inside.

F was quite late tonight for a fairly good reason. He misplaced something important at work today and spent a couple of hours looking for it.  I was worried about my suitcase since we had planned to send it to my destination this weekend.  I finally got him dressed and ready to go, or so I thought.  He spent a few minutes wasting time and then we set out.  Luckily, the Takkyubin place was still open and we were able to send my bag to my hotel.  It should arrive the day before I get there. 

We had a pretty yummy meal at Coco Ichibanya Curry…it is the season for Grandmother’s Curry again.  We had that and a drink each. We also used the free wifi in the restaurant. Well, I did, I’m not sure about F.  

We bought a few groceries and then came back to the house.  

And that was that.  I watched a little bit of TV, but F had some Olympic sports on for a bit too. I’m rather glad as I don’t think he gets to watch much TV these days.  

Tomorrow I will work on my column…I worked on the topic a bit tonight, although I haven’t written anything.  I am just not feeling it, sad to say. That has to change!  

Come back later for my last report of the week.  I doubt that I will be able to write on Thursday night as I’m leaving early on Friday morning.  You might have to rescue me from the snow soon, you never know!

Until tomorrow….  

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