February 9, 2018

Friday - Rainy and warmer

An okay day.

I got up this morning as usual but felt really drained and tired.  I decided to sleep a little longer.  When I got up around 9 am I did feel a bit better.  I watched Burn Notice and then headed downstairs to grab my breakfast.  I brought it upstairs, ate and then took another nap. I think I slept for 30 or 40 minutes.  I felt better when I got up.

I watched quite a bit of TV and then went downstairs and grabbed lunch.  K had already eaten which is fine, but I reminded her that there was leftover nabe and she could eat it if she wanted too.  

I got a message from a friend asking me if I’d like to do a video chat later on so I said yes.  I finished my lunch, washed my dishes and even changed my shirt so I didn’t look so terrible! We had a nice chat when we got connected and talked about a lot of things.  It was good.

I went outside when I got off the computer and checked the snow.  There wasn’t much extra, except right outside our door.  The snow must have come off the roof and was in two big piles.  I really couldn’t move it all, so I made a big path through it. I took some of it away to the road, the rest I piled up. 

I went for a drink at the vending machine, but I wasn’t nice enough to bring one back for K today.  I came inside and upstairs and drank my drink. 

F called a bit later to say he was on his way and when he arrived we talked about where to go.  His mother had eaten the nabe for dinner so didn’t need a bento or dinner out.  

I suggested the Chinese restaurant near where we used to live and so we went there. It wasn’t a good choice tonight.  We only had one of our usual favourites, a stir-fried vegetable with garlic and salt.  It was okay but not great.  We also had oysters with eggs….very strong tasting…and a plate with cold meat on it, steamed chicken and chashu pork.  I liked that.  F also had ramen.  The food was okay, but not great.

We went over to the Internet Cafe and were able to get chairs right away.  I watched Bones and fell asleep on it, then watched Castle and Scorpion and did some of my loom-knitting. It was nice to get back to it again!

We left when our three hours was up and came back to the house.  I put the Olympics on for F, but am already quite bored by it!  Sorry…not a sports fan.  

So it was an okay day today, but not a great one. It is nice that it is a little warmer, but we have so much snow everywhere that just getting around the city is very difficult.  

Tomorrow I’m not actually sure what we’ll get up to.  We have doctor appointments in the morning but the rest of the day is free I think.  Come back tomorrow night and I’ll give you an update if I’m able!  Until tomorrow….

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