March 16, 2018

Friday - Cooler with a bit of snow at night.

An okay day.

I got up fairly early for me this morning and then watched the news and got dressed, etc.  I had my breakfast and then did a load of laundry too. I hung it up in my room.  I rewatched Castle and enjoyed it, then I took a nap.  In bed.  Not on the floor.  It was great!

In the afternoon I watched a little more TV and went down to get lunch.  I gave K some salad that I’d bought a while ago and was going to expire soon, I took the other half of it.  She kept hers for later.

When F came home this evening he was sore and tired.  Of course, he wanted to go for a bath.  I didn’t really want to go but did need to at least take a shower, so said I’d go.  We went to the store to get his mother a bento and some other food, then came back here and gave it to her.  Then, F and I went off to have dinner.  

He wanted fish, and suggested a place I don’t like much.  I countered with another place, and then suggested F’s favourite place.  We decided to give it a try.  We went off to Okazaki and had a great meal.  We each had the same dish, a type of grilled trout with tempura.  It was lovely.  Very nice. I was less impressed with the side dishes, but overall it was a good meal. 

We drove to the onsen after dinner.  It looked quite busy from the parking lot and sure enough, it was busy inside too.  The women’s side usually doesn’t have as many people in it as it did today, but it was fine.  I did have a small problem finding a washing station at first.  Anyway, I did my thing, spent a bit of time in the rotenburo which is my favourite bit of the whole experience and then got out.  F got out a bit before me, but I had stayed longer to dry my hair.

We were on our way back to the house when he suggested that we go somewhere else.  He then suggested going to McDonalds which was fine with me.  We just had a couple of cold drinks which was a touch silly as it had started to snow outside a little! We spent a bit of time on our phones and then came back to the house.

I watched a bit of TV and then F came over and watched the Oscar repeat with me for a few minutes.  He liked some of it.  He soon went to bed though.  He’s having a hard time with the pain in his neck and back.  It’s very hard to see him like this.

Tomorrow we have doctors appointments and I hope to go shopping in the afternoon.  Fingers crossed it works out.  Come back later and see what we get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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