March 2, 2018

Friday - Windy, so windy

A communicative day.

I got up this morning around the right time and watched the news.  I went downstairs fairly early today and brought my breakfast back upstairs with me.  I ate and then talked to my friend on a video chat.  It was lovely to see her as it has been a couple of weeks since we could meet up.  She shared some personal news with me that I won’t go into, but is quite shocking.  

I had a quiet rest of morning and even took a nap for a while.  I woke up with a runny nose today and just didn’t feel all that great.  I thought my alarm had gone off, but I think that it was another friend asking if I could do a video chat with her!  I told her it was my lunch time, but when I was over I’d contact her, which I did.  We had a nice chat and I even got an invitation to take F up there for a visit.  He could go fishing with my friend’s husband.  Woot!

During my call with this last friend, I got a notice that an old friend from college wanted to text me!  I sent a few texts back and forth with him, and it was nice to hear from him.  

F returned to the house soon after and we talked about where to go.  He wanted to go to his favourite fish restaurant, so I said sure.  It is a good restaurant, but I’m not a huge fish fan at times.  We went and were able to get a table right away.  F had a donburi with tuna on it, I had a cooked tuna dish that was nice.

After dinner, we picked up a bento for K and then delivered it.  I went upstairs and grabbed my craft bags and then off we went to the internet cafe.  

We spent 3 hours in the Internet Cafe and it was nice.  I watched a couple of my usual Friday night TV programmes and did some knitting and loom knitting.  I’ve nearly finished my scarf on my loom.  Yay me.  

We came back to the house around midnight.  F volunteered to fill up the kerosene tank in the heater for me.  Unfortunately, he spilt the kerosene and then had to clean it all up.  The downstairs smells a bit bad now.  I took a shower when he was finished cleaning and a little later he took one too.  

I watched a little more TV and soon I’m going to go to bed as I’m very tired and a bit emotional.  

I’ll likely talk to you tomorrow night too.  I’m not really sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow, depends how I feel I think.  Until tomorrow….

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