March 4, 2018

Sunday - Cloudy and cooler

A good day.

We slept in today too, but not as late as yesterday.  F took his mother to the onsen in the morning and I got up after they left and did a few things.  I was on my computer when they came back and then F and I went out.  

We went for a yummy lunch in Foodever.  F does this weird thing where he tries to have exactly what I am having for lunch, even if he’d prefer something else.  He did it today too.  We both had Gaopao Rice, which was good.  I think he did like it, but I thought he’d like fish better.  

After lunch, we had a brief look around the area as there was a craft sale on, and then went over to the Chido Museum.  We had a little look at the Hina Dolls and the exhibition room.  I wanted to see the garden, so we tramped off around there too.  It’s still under a lot of snow, and a bit sad looking at the moment.

F drove me over to my friend for my crafting group, but I needed to use a washroom first!  He stopped at one of the drugstores in town, but a staff member was cleaning in the washroom so I couldn’t go in right then.  We did a little shopping and then F stood in line to pay and a little imperiously told me that I could go now!  I rolled my eyes a bit at that.  Then, when I finished, he was nowhere in sight.  I saw the shopping in the car, but not the shopper.  He’d gone to use the men’s room and so I was late.

I only stayed an hour at crafting tonight as we wanted to see a movie in town.  I think I helped someone make the “magic circle” to start her project, but sort of realized later that she doesn’t know how to crochet! 

F picked me up a little too early in my opinion, and we went to the theatre and bought our tickets.  Then he started planning to leave 30 minutes before our show to get food.  He had a bunch of hare-brained ideas like going to a coffee shop downtown, but I talked him out of that.  He did come up with a good idea, going to the nearby convenience store for a few things to eat in the car.  We did that.  I wasn’t all that hungry but he was so I guess it was okay.

We went back to the theatre, sat in the car and ate.  After that, we went in and saw Brain on Fire. It was okay.  I wouldn’t say it was a must-see by any means, but it was fine.  It was a bit TV movie of the week in my opinion.  

After the movie, I got a bit of shopping and we both picked up some more food for tonight.  I got an okonomiyaki, F got some tempura.  When we came back to the house we put away the groceries and then had our food.  We shared a bit, but I was glad I didn’t buy a huge dinner.  

We had a pleasant evening together. I took a shower and F watched stuff on his phone and on TV.  We had lots of cuddles and hugs tonight.  It was rather nice.  

And that was that.  Tomorrow is my big movie worshipping day, the Academy Awards.  I’ve downloaded a checklist, probably will print it out in the morning too.  I’ll be Facebooking the whole thing if all goes well.  I’m not sure if it will as it’s the first time I’ve watched the Oscars here.  

Come back later if you are up to it and find out how my day goes.  Until tomorrow….

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