April 12, 2018

Thursday - Sunny and cloudy

A good day.

I got up this morning, but late! I overslept but did get up eventually.  I had a quiet morning, checked my laundry at 10ish, and brought some of it back.  I left some of it up for later.  I had breakfast and watched a movie that I’d taped overnight. It was odd, but okay. It had Eva Green in it, so I wanted to see it for her.

In the afternoon I watched another episode of Absentia and then grabbed my lunch.  I had a nice one and then did the dishes just before 4 pm.  I came back upstairs and watched the news.

F came back around 6 pm tonight and immediately suggested a place he likes and I don’t.  I didn’t really care that much tonight though and said it was okay if we went to the Internet Cafe afterwards.  He said it was, so we popped out and got a bento for K, then delivered it.

We went out to the drive-in in Fujishima and had dinner.  I had a vegetable stir-fry set meal, F had motsu ramen.  Mine was okay but really too big, F liked his, but then thought he should have had fish! 

After dinner, we went to the Internet Cafe, but they only had one chair available in the massage section.  I let F have it and I took one in another section.  I did ask to be allowed to move, and about 20 or 30 minutes later I was able to move. Yay.  I worked on my loom-knit hat. I didn’t finish it tonight, but I probably should have.  

I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and a little real television but was ready to leave when our time was up.  

We came back to the house via the conbini and picked up some snacks. When back at the house, we both took showers and F is sleeping, I’m still up obviously.  

One weird thing today, I noticed that I have a scab on my head.  I think it is from last week.  When I got into one of the taxis I took last week, I bumped my head on the car frame.  I never even checked to see if I had been bleeding, but I think I must have!  Yikes. 

Anyway, I’ll probably update tomorrow night, but I’ll be away over the weekend.  Please don’t miss me too much!  Until tomorrow…. 

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