April 13, 2018

Friday - Cloudy, windy and cool

An okay day.

I woke up this morning and had no idea that F had already left for work. I was sleeping quite soundly.  I got up, watched the news and my show, grabbed some breakfast too.  I let K know that I was going to go out today as well.  I didn’t know if F had told her or not.  

After breakfast, I got ready to go.  I washed my breakfast bowl and then changed my clothes.  I came back downstairs, said goodbye to K and then left.  I walked to the bus stop and caught a bus to downtown.  

I bumped into my friend in the bus station.  She was buying a ticket for herself for tomorrow.  We went off to Pisolino to have lunch.  We had a great time and ate probably far too much!  We hadn’t spent a lot of time together for ages, so it was nice to see each other and talk for a bit.  

F texted and phoned me a bit. He’d finished work at 1:30 and was wanting to know where I was.  The thing is, he knew that I was out with a friend so I don’t know why he kept calling.  He had stuff to do, so why didn’t he do it then?  I don’t know.  He kept telling me he was waiting in the mall for me.  

My friend did have to go and run some errands so I asked her to drive me back to S-Mall.  She dropped me off and I went in.  It was nearly 3 pm, so I knew that F was at the doctor.  I sent him a message to say I was at the mall and hacked the hundred yen shop.  

I got another message from him that said he was done so I told him where I was.  I was just phoning him when I saw him coming over to me.  That’s when it got a bit weird.  I told him I was just going to have a coffee and invited him to come too.  He said he would and then said he was hungry. I told him he could have something at the coffee shop, but he didn’t want anything.  Then he said he’d go and have ramen.  I told him it was fine, and I’d come with him if he wanted.  He didn’t.  I went to the coffee shop, he went upstairs.  

I had a soy tea latte and use the wifi in the coffee shop.  When F finished he came and sat with me, wouldn’t buy a drink though.  He started using the wifi too.  I didn’t think that was fair, but he seemed in a mood.  Basically, he just ignored me the whole time we were in the coffee shop.  So much for wanting to be with me.  

We had planned to cook dinner tonight so I checked if he still wanted to do that. He did.  We went over to our usual grocery store and bought ingredients to make nabe.  We went back to the house and F did most of the work, although I did set the table.  We had a kimchi nabe and it was nice.  It was a little small to be honest because F just wouldn’t buy ingredients for it! The idea was to have it for our dinner and then leave leftovers for K for tomorrow so she wouldn’t have to cook too much.

After dinner and the dishes, we all went out in the car.  We went to get K some groceries and also to let her see the cherry blossoms in the park.  We drove around the park and then got the groceries.  We did offer to park somewhere and go walking in the park, but K didn’t want to.  I told F earlier that I thought it was too crowded and cold for her, I think I was right.  

After the grocery shopping, we came back to the house and drove by the park one last time.  The trees do look lovely today.  We came to the house and K started to do a bit of cooking for herself.  I couldn’t find F and then found him already in bed upstairs.  I had thought we’d go out or do something but he chose to go to bed before 9 pm.  Sigh.  

So, I’ve spent the last 5 hours or so by myself. Luckily I’m good company and the Friday night telly has been okay.  

Oh, and a momentous occasion.  I threw out a blouse that I used to wear when I was a bank teller in Edmonton.  I love it, but the covers on the buttons wore out and I covered them with liquid paper.  I didn’t realize that it was so old until I saw pictures of me in the shirt from the time before F and I got married! It was one of my favourite shirts and I always seemed to have a good day when I wore it, but I honestly haven’t worn it in 10? 15? years, so it has been removed from my closet.  A little sigh, but a good thing I think.

Tomorrow morning F and I are supposed to be off to Yamagata city.  Don’t miss us too much and we should be back on Sunday if all goes well. I may or may not update on Sunday, depends how things go.  Don’t wait up too late!

Come back and read more from me in a couple of days.  Until tomorrow’s tomorrow….

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