April 15, 2018

Sunday - Rainy and cool

A good day.  An okay weekend.

Man, Saturday was tough.  F was in a foul mood most of the day and even if I did manage to jolly him out of it for a bit, he’d slip back in. 

He’d gone to bed really early on Friday if you remember…apparently got up at 6:30 on Saturday and had breakfast.  I slept on until 9…he hadn’t given me a time to leave after all, just “after breakfast”.  I was basically packed and ready before 10:30, F was fussing around.  We get in the car and have a quick early lunch at Gusto.  Then I go to the drugstore, then F went.  We got on the road and then F decided that he needed to go back to the house and get something.  Argh.  

We drove back, got his Costco card and his prepaid gas cards and finally got on the way.  I dozed a touch, but F said something about being sleepy so I decided I should stay awake as much as possible.  

We had stopped for a restroom break at a little roadside place.  Things were growly between us.  On my way out of the washroom I bumped into one of my ex-students and we had a chat.  Afterwards, F and I went over and met her new dog.  He was quite sweet, an American Cocker Spaniel.  She was on her way to a dog convention!

F seemed a little less grumpy after that and we stopped a little later to have ice cream and a snack at the next rest stop.  That was nice.  We got into Yamagata City and found our hotel.  We checked in and went to the room.  We were both tired and had a bit of a nap.  The phone rang.  The front desk wanted to see my passport.  Say what? There’s a stupid rule in Japan that foreigners without an address in Japan must show their passports and allow them to be photocopied at hotels.  However, I do have an address in Japan so that doesn’t apply to me.  F talked to the front desk and I think he made up a few things, but anyway I didn’t bring my passport because I wasn’t leaving the country.  

F really wanted to go to a yakitori shop that he knew. The food is good, but it is often smoky and crowded, things I dislike.  I went with him.  The shop opened at 5:30, we got there at 5:40 and the place was packed already.  We got a couple of seats and waited.  And waited.  We had two drinks each, and some yakitori and the total was around 4000 yen. F thought it was good, I thought it was expensive!  My drinks were non-alcoholic so not too expensive.

I was still hungry afterwards and I wanted some vegetables.  We ended up going to another izakaya and having more to eat and drink.  F had had three beers at the yakitori place, one of which was comped.  He had another huge beer at the second place, I had a non-alcoholic cocktail.  We were supposed to go and see a movie just before 9 but of course, didn’t make it!  I really didn’t want to see it that much as it had Jack Black in it…shudder.

Instead, we went back to the hotel via a grocery store for some munchies and non alcoholic drinks. I bought a movie card at the hotel and we watched Swiss Army Man with Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano.  It was a crazy odd film with lots of farting and weirdness.  I thought it was funny, but wouldn’t really recommend it unless you know what you were getting into.  I did.

F fell asleep fairly early, I took a bath and then went to bed before 2. Yay me.

This morning we got up and had breakfast in the hotel.  F ate a huge breakfast, I was rather surprised at him!  I was a tad more restrained.  Then we had a little nap and then checked out and drove over to Costco.

We did some shopping at Costco and it went fairly well.  I got most of the things I wanted except for the Ukrainian Sausage from Edmonton.  Sigh.  No garlic sausage for me or K.  She loves that stuff too!

We paid and then took the stuff out to the car.  We got it in and went back for a little light lunch.  On the way in the second time, we saw some suitcases that looked interesting.  My trusty little suitcase has cracked so I need a replacement.  I do so much travelling that I really need suitcases that I can depend on.  I said to F that if we still thought it might work after our food, I’d come back and get them.

We shared a beef bulgogi sandwich and an ice cream.  F kept wanting to order one each of both, but I finally persuaded him that one between the two of us was better! He admitted I was right later on.  We still liked the idea of the suitcases so went back and bought them.  Then, we had to get them in the car.  F’s car is small.  F basically had to repack the car in order to get the box in!  I thought it was quite funny.

We’d spent hours at Costco and it was around 3 now.  We stopped in at the mall for a few minutes on the way back.  F got some new underwear and socks, I got socks too.  I looked at craft stuff but didn’t buy any.  I did get some Dijon mustard and English mustard at Kaldi and then we left the mall.  

F looked for a place for us to have “lunch” and found a promising place.  We drove there, but couldn’t find it.  The GPS wasn’t much help.  It might have moved or closed, we didn’t know.  We tried another place which ended up being an Indian restaurant back near the mall!  We went in and had a yummy meal there.  We each had three types of curry, a naan each, a small salad and a chicken drumstick.  The food was good, but I realized then that my local Indian restaurant isn’t that bad!  

After dinner, we finally got back on the road.  We made fairly good time, stopped a couple of times for restroom breaks, but got back to the house by 8:30 tonight.  

We unpacked the car and put as much stuff away as we could.  I had to do things like package up the bagels for freezing and the same with the roasts that I bought.  We just managed to get them all in the freezer!

F and I decided that we wouldn’t go out for dinner since we were both really full still.  I think it was a good call.  

We came upstairs and relaxed.  F and I talked about funerals and some fairly serious topics.  He’s sleeping now, and I am going to join him soon.  

Tomorrow I’m probably back to the same old thing, but I’ll do a bit of slow cooking on Tuesday, so that’s exciting!  Come back later and see what I get up to on Monday. Until tomorrow….

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